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Feeling good in your clothes is a form of radical self-love.

Hey there!

My name is Amanda.

As a Style Coach, I am here to tell you that there are no limits for you when it comes to your style. The only the limits you face are the ones society has taught you.
I want to help you break the shit out of them.
No hiding, no diminishing. No apologies. Just showing up for yourself in all your glory.
This takes intention and active work. It won’t just happen. It takes guts and grit and I know you have it inside of you.
Together, let's disrupt the doubt, disrupt the status quo and disrupt playing small. We only have one precious life and I don’t want you to spend your life conforming to be someone you don’t want to be.
We will re-discover who YOU are and how YOU want to feel. So that you can fully embrace ALL the parts of you. Your body, you fire and your soul.
Then we make sure that your wardrobe can sustainably support how you want to show up in the world, your lifestyle and in the body you have NOW.

simplySTYLISH Services

The Purposeful Wardrobe Workbook

Follow my easy 5 step process to create a wardrobe where you love and wear MORE of what you already own. In this workbook, you will find lessons, activities, challenges and visuals to help guide you!  This workbook is for those who like to learn at their own pace AND want to create an intentional and purposeful wardrobe.

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Closet Clarity & Wardrobe Plan

Want to love and wear more of the clothes in your wardrobe? In this package, we dive into your own unique personal style, learn how to embrace & dress your body shape and determine what clothes to add to your wardrobe (and what needs to leave). You will create a wardrobe that supports your life, your body and your style. From now on, your clothes will EARN their place.

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Personal Style Transformation

We will start with the Closet Clarity & Wardrobe Plan Package. Once your "Priority Shopping List" is identified, then I shop your list! I am there for you at every step of the way to make sure you're happy with your new purchases. Then I create up to 40 outfits in a digital lookbook for any occasion in your life using your current and new pieces! 

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The Women Disrupted Podcast

Get ready to be inspired to disrupt your thoughts, beliefs and maybe even your life. In this podcast, I am sharing how myself and others have handled disruption in our lives, whether we have chosen it or the universe chose it for us. There will also be debates on topics that challenge the status quo and stories of women who are choosing to change the world around them.

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