"It's not about your clothes. It's about how you FEEL in your clothes."

Amanda Hanson
Personal Stylist

"I've noticed a big difference in how my outfits come together and look more polished."

Allison Smith
Parenting Coach

"Seriously less than half the clothes in my closet and so many more great looks!"

Hayley Bohan
Founder, Marketing On Purpose

"Every time I go out, I feel confident in what I’m wearing."

Linnea Vandenberghe
Real Estate Agent

"Can’t say enough about how much I needed this and how awesome I’m feeling as a result."

Carolyn Campbell

"I feel better about getting dressed and going out into the world!!!"

Bridgette Greer-McEwing

Style is a non verbal communication about who you are.

It doesn't mean being ”fancy” or ”trendy”.
It's about finding what makes you feel freaking kick ass in your clothes.
It could just be finding a go to ”uniform” that is on repeat, but still makes you feel put together and polished.
It could be finally realizing that your clothes can express your personality instead of fading and hiding in the background.
Style is is not for only for the young and thin. It is for everyone and every body.
It is UNAPOLOGETICALLY dressing for the body you have NOW.
When you are more in alignment with who you are and how you represent yourself, it will boost your confidence and make you show up more for yourself in your life.

"Amanda helped me so much!! Now when I look in my closet I see only things that look good (and fit me). Saves me so much time in the mornings and I get to start each day feeling good instead of late and frustrated. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Seriously less than half the clothes in my closet and so many more great looks"

Hayley Bohan

"I have always struggled to dress my body and after working with Amanda, I now know what styles work best for my shape. Now I have a closet full of clothes that I love that look good on me. I no longer have to search through a ton of clothes that I hate or that don't fit. The biggest change is, there is no longer a sea of black when I look in my closet. I still love black but, I find I am choosing brighter softer colours that showcase my personality more. I ended up with a list of key pieces I can add to my wardrobe. This whole process was like a shedding, a shedding of the old Kathy.Now with Amanda's help, I can truly showcase my confidence. In my opinion, Amanda provides a very much needed and valuable service. Thank you Amanda for being a woman that straightens other women's crowns."

Kathy Young
Body Postive Coach

"I can’t thank you enough for coming to my rescue, literally. I knew a lot of my clothes didn’t fit anymore and I needed a little push to purge but I also learned a lot about what is flattering for me. Yes, clothes cover and keep us warm but they should also look and feel good!! I didn’t have a good sense of what looked good on me and now that I know better, I feel better about getting dressed and going out into the world!!"

Bridgette Greer McEwing

simplySTYLISH Services

Style Insider Academy

An online program where you will go on a journey of self discovery to define your style and learn to be playful in your closet again. You will also learn to assess the fit of your clothes, develop a balanced wardrobe, and create outfits that you feel amazing in.

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Closet Audit & Planning

A face to face or virtual consultation on dressing the body you have now and identifying your personal style. Learn what to purge, what to keep and WHY. You will receive a wardrobe plan, a personal style guide and a priority shopping list. 

Learn More

Style Transformation

A 3 step face to face or virtual consultation. Learn to dress the body you have now, find your personal style and develop a wardrobe plan. Your wardrobe gaps are identified and then we shop your list! Then up to 40 outfits are created for any occasion in your life. 

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