It's not about the clothes, it's about how you FEEL in your clothes


Hey there!

My name is Amanda (she/her).

As a Feminist Style Coach, I am here to tell you that there are no limits when it comes to your style. The only the limits are the ones society has taught you.
I want to help you break the shit out of them.
Together, we will break down patriarchal norms in order to have awareness of barriers, such as misogyny, the patriarchy, ableism, diet culture & anti-fat bias, in order to embrace & express yourself confidently in your clothes.
We will challenge oppressive “style” rules that become barriers to self-expression and feelings of joy.
We will re-discover who YOU are and how YOU want to feel in your clothes. So that you can fully embrace ALL the parts of you. 
You don't need to change your body, you just need to change your clothes.
Together let's build a wardrobe that sustainably supports the world we live in, your life and in the body you have NOW.



Embrace & Dress Your Body Shape

Do you struggle with dressing your body and feeling confident in your clothes? 

Then start by embracing the body you have today and to confidently dress your body, no matter your size or shape. Know what styles, cuts, shapes of clothing will work for your unique shape. 

This self-guided online course that teaches you how to confidently dress your body, no matter your size or shape. No more waiting for “someday”.

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Style Confidence

Do you feel like your clothes represent an older version of yourself? Not sure what currently makes you feel good or confident?

In this 1:1 coaching package, we are diving into your personal style (yes, everyone has one!) AND embracing & dressing your body shape.

You'll get clarity on how you want to feel & express yourself in your wardrobe. Know how to dress and create outfits in a way that feels aligned with who you are & the body you have now.

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Wardrobe Transformation

Want to create a purposeful & supportive wardrobe where you love & wear ALL your clothes?

In this VIP 1:1 coaching service, we dive into your own unique personal style and how to embrace & dress your body shape. You'll confidently know what clothes to release and add to your wardrobe (and what needs to leave). 

With a priority shopping list and outfit formulas, you'll create a wardrobe that supports your life, your body and your style. 

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Check out a Style Transformation Experience.


The Women Disrupted Podcast

Get ready to be inspired to disrupt your thoughts, beliefs and maybe even your life. In this podcast, I am sharing how myself and others have handled disruption in our lives, whether we have chosen it or the universe chose it for us. There will also be debates on topics that challenge the status quo and stories of women who are choosing to change the world around them.

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