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Hey there!

My name is Amanda.

I married a man that I fell in love with twice and I am also a mom of two that always has a “healthy” stock of gin and bacon in my kitchen. Should I also mention that I have a slight addiction to red lipstick?

I founded my company simplySTYLISH Inc. in 2017 and as a personal stylist I have worked with hundreds of women cut through the BS and shut down their negative self-talk. I help women re-define their "beauty standards" so that they can fully embrace the body they are in.

I help women unapologetically express who they are in their clothes and my mission is to challenge societal beliefs about body image so that it is a safer and shame free world for future generations.

You get to dress the way YOU want. There is no right or wrong way. You don't have to look a certain way to feel like a badass in your clothes.


Want to stand out & FEEL good on video?

Do you feel like you are living on ZOOM nowadays? 
Or maybe you are pivoting your business and wanting to offer online services and need to put your beautiful face on video??
I want to help you FEEL and look confident on video, so check out my FREE GUIDE  on how to WOW on camera!
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simplySTYLISH Services

Style Insider Academy

An online program where you will go on a journey of self discovery to define your style and learn to be playful in your closet again. You will also learn to assess the fit of your clothes, develop a balanced wardrobe, and create outfits that you feel amazing in.

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Closet Clarity

A face to face or virtual consultation on dressing the body you have now and identifying your personal style. Learn what to purge, what to keep and WHY. You will receive a wardrobe plan, a personal style guide and a priority shopping list. 

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Style Transformation

A 3 step face to face or virtual consultation. Learn to dress the body you have now, find your personal style and develop a wardrobe plan. Your wardrobe gaps are identified and then we shop your list! Then up to 40 outfits are created for any occasion in your life. 

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Check out a Style Transformation Experience.


The Women Disrupted Podcast

Get ready to be inspired to disrupt your thoughts, beliefs and maybe even your life. In this podcast, I am sharing how myself and others have handled disruption in our lives, whether we have chosen it or the universe chose it for us. There will also be debates on topics that challenge the status quo and stories of women who are choosing to change the world around them.

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The Purposeful Wardrobe Workbook

Follow my easy 5 step process to create a wardrobe where you wear MORE of what you already own.

Let's Connect You With How You Want to FEEL in your Clothes.

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