Wardrobe Transformation



  • Stop wasting time & money on clothes that you never wear.
  • Know how to maximize the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Have a wardrobe that supports the body you have now.
  • Confidently create outfits you love.
  • Have a priority shopping list created for you.
  • To look in the mirror and think, “damn, I look good!”.


Then you are in the right place.

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Here is how it works:

4 coaching sessions + Style Plan + Shopping List + Virtual Closet + Pieces Shopped For You + Outfit Creation

Session #1: Style Confidence

2 hour ZOOM session

  • Work through common challenges and barriers to feeling more confident in your clothes.

  •  Know how to determine what YOU like to wear. Confidently know what makes you feel like YOU. Not what you have been influenced or conditioned to wear. 

  • Get clarity on your body shape so that you don’t blame your body when clothes don’t look or feel good. Don’t change your body, confidently know how to change your clothes!

Embrace & Dress Your Body Shape + MORE!

Access to Video Library

  • Have access to a video library on dressing your body shape and how to assess the fit of tops, bottoms, layering pieces, dresses, skirts and so much more!

  • Confidently embrace & identify your body shape so that you can understand how you want clothes to fit. 

  • BONUS! Style guide on dressing your body shape + outfit formulas.

  • BONUS! Style tips to add to any outfit

  • BONUS! How to audit your closet with success

  • BONUS! Shopping guides. 

Session #2: The 5 tests

2 hours over ZOOM

Learn Amanda's trademark 5 tests that your clothes need to pass in order to “earn” their place in your wardrobe -> whether it’s what you currently own or new coming in.


The 5 Tests will:
  • Have you wearing & loving ALL the clothes in your wardrobe.
  • Prevent you from settling and buying clothes you never wear. 
  • Help you to create a versatile & supportive wardrobe.

Session 3: Outfit Formulas + Style Recommendations + Audit

2 hours over ZOOM

  • On this call, you and Amanda will review the outfits and pieces that you struggle with together.

  • Amanda will share all her style recommendations with you.

  • Amanda will audit one (or two) categories of clothing with you so can to audit with success - a separate call may be scheduled if more time and support is needed.

  • After this call, you'll receive a Wardrobe Plan.

Wardrobe Plan Includes:
  • 5 step framework on how clothes EARN their place in your wardrobe.

  • Review of your personal style & what you like/don’t like.

  • Up to 5 outfit formulas that support your personal style.


You Audit Your Wardrobe & Virtual Closet!

Session 4: Shopping List + Outfit creation:

2 hours over ZOOM

  • Review what items you are missing to create full outfits and a wardrobe that will work for your lifestyle.
  • Amanda will create a personalized plan and a shopping list for you (with your final approval).
  • PLUS - Amanda will have shopped up to 10-15 items for examples and inspiration to guide you on your shopping journey.
  • PLUS - Amanda will create up to 20 outfits in your virtual lookbook using pieces you already own or after you shop your list.
Priority Shopping List Includes:
  • Shopping Tips for Success
  • Where to shop recommendations
  • Colour plan
  • A Complete Priority Shopping List created for you - so you know what to add to your wardrobe 
  • Up to 15 pieces shopped for you
  • Up to 20 outfits created with with you already own 
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How a Virtual Closet & Lookbook Works!

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