Find Your Style as a Transgender or Non-Binary Person

Style is a way to connect you to who you are on the inside AND it's a form of self-expression to the world on the outside.


As a transgender, non-binary or gender fluid person, you deserve to experience the joy and freedom of connecting & expressing yourself in your clothes.
To be FREE to dress in a way that is allows you to express who you really are, not who've you been told to be, or who you think you "should" be.
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Finding and expressing your personal style isn't easy, especially after you’ve done the hard work of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

That's why Amanda is offering support with a 1 hour FREE Style Session for any transgender, non-binary or gender fluid person that is looking to embrace & express their personal style.

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This FREE 1 Hour Style Session will help you:

✔️ To discover and express YOUR own unique style at your own pace.

✔️ Identify 3 outfit formulas that will support your style and lifestyle.

✔️ Decide on your priority pieces to add to your wardrobe.

✔️ Find places to shop!

Style Session

1 hour Virtual Session

  • You'll deep dive into your personal style so that you have more clarity on what makes you feel like your authentic self.
  • Identify and plan 3 outfit formulas (that you can repeat) that will support your style AND your lifestyle.
  • Receive a priority list of items to add to your wardrobe so that you shop with intention and purpose.
  • Amanda will then provide you with your Style Plan after your session so that you have a resource to guide you going forward.

Style Plan + Ongoing Support

  • A description of your personal style + outfits to inspire you. 

  • Style recommendations

  • Recommendations on where to shop

  • Outfit formulas that match your personal style & support your lifestyle.

  • Recommendations on 5-8 pieces to add to your wardrobe.

  • You can email Amanda with follow up questions and feedback as you enact the plan. Ex: if you bought a few things and want feedback.

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