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Do you find yourself wearing the same 5 outfits, even with a closet full of clothes?


Have you convinced yourself that "someday" you will wear those 4 inch heels or those jeans that are a size too small?


Or maybe you want to burn down ALL of your clothes and start from scratch.


Are you ready to get clarity on your style, wear MORE of what you have and be excited about your wardrobe again?


Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you.


You deserve to feel good in your wardrobe, no matter what phase of your life you are in. Let's step into our closets confident in how we want to feel and express ourselves. Our wardrobe should work FOR us, not AGAINST us.



That is why I have created The Purposeful Wardrobe Workbook


What you get:


A workbook to download and use as many times as needed to get clear on your goals with your style and closet.

Stylist Secrets

Get exclusive access to the knowledge and tools that is going to have a long lasting impact on your closet.

Style Activities

You will be guided to get creative in your wardrobe so that you are building from what you have.

5 Easy Steps

5 steps to create your vision, audit & organize your closet, shop your closet and create more from less.

Ultimate Shopping Guide

I have compiled ALL my favourite retailers and brands for you to explore and discover.

Closet Clarity

Get clear on what pieces you need to add to your wardrobe so that it serves your style and your lifestyle.


Receive a BONUS training on my recommendations for wardrobe basics and pieces to level up your wardrobe! PLUS a 30 Day Style Challenge!

Carolyn Campbell

“Having a closet that’s versatile and makes you feel amazing isn’t something I thought I could accomplish after a significant weight gain. But here I am, killing it! I can’t believe how satisfying it is to look at my nice clean closet of only clothes that actually fit. That was a worthwhile exercise. Can’t say enough about how much I needed this and how awesome I’m feeling as a result. Thank you!!”

Belinda Kumar

"The easiest part of my day is getting dressed now. I still feel like I have a long way to go and need to stop the voices in my head about how to go and need to stop the voices in my head about how I perceive my body and how I look. I am so grateful for Amanda and this group for the support though this journey."

Eliza Fayle

"Where to start? I am proud to have gifted myself the Academy. The deep dive is excellent and it made me realize that my wardrobe needed to catch up with my spiritual/psychological shift of being post menopausal. Creating a style formula was brilliant. I HATED shopping, but now with my list in hand, I am excited to go on a treasure hunt!"

How it Works:


The Workbook will be emailed to you, so make sure you check your SPAM folder.

You will get log in information to have access to the workbook and your BONUSES!

This is a complete self-study workbook.

This workbook is for yours to keep and use as many times as you would like.

**BONUSES - Pieces to Maximize & Update Your Wardrobe (video & guide)

& 30 Day Style Challenge!**


By the end of the workbook you will:


Get clarity on your own unique personal style.

Confidently know what pieces to keep and what to let go of.

Wear more of your wardrobe.

Create MORE outfits from what you already own.

Shop with a plan.

Feel less overwhelm and more excitement in your closet! 


Get The Purposeful Wardrobe Now!

Reconnect with who you are and how you want to feel and show up in the world. Get clear on how your wardrobe can support your lifestyle. Create a wardrobe where it is only filled with pieces you love and will wear.

Investment: $27 CAD

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