"I've noticed a big difference in how my outfits come together and look more polished."

“I highly recommend Amanda if you often stand staring at your closet feeling like you have nothing to wear. As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I can’t waste time. She helped me incorporate flattering patterns more effectively. I’ve noticed a big difference in how my outfits come together and look more polished. And she gave me a shortcut for grabbing complete outfits quickly!” ~ Alison Smith


"It wasn't about the clothing, it was about taking me by the hand and walking me out of the shadows casted by society and putting me front and centre in the spotlight of my life. She showed me that there are options now and it's ok to let go what no longer serves me.

Amanda guided me through the process of letting go what no longer fit me both literally and emotionally. I didn't even really know I needed that kind of support for something as simple as clothing, but it was the best thing aside from therapy that I had ever done for myself.

I didn't have to fade into the background or hide my body and myself from the world.
Now, I have confidence in every piece of clothing in my wardrobe and I get excited about the idea of adding more pieces that reflect my personality! I no longer need to compromise my style based on what others feel I should be wearing, I'm free to be me."

~ Tammy Cook

I used to HATE shopping!

“As a follow up with my wardrobe consultation, Amanda and I went shopping for some much needed pieces for my closet. Usually I HATE clothes shopping. Trying things on, having them not fit, not flatter, taking them off, continuing to look and not ending up happy.

Shopping for my clothes was a chore and I didn’t look forward to it. We went shopping with preset goals, (staple pieces, boots, statement necklaces and wardrobe basics), and I ventured into schools I would have never gone into by myself.

With Amanda’s guidance, she helped me pick out outfits that best compliment my shape, and pieces that could be interchangeable with each other. We also picked out some amazing statement jewelry and some cute ankle boots, all items on my list. She shopped in my budget and I left so happy. I have never had a more pleasant experience shopping or a more successful shopping trip and I was beyond excited with the purchases I made!”

~Amanda Bennett

“This isn’t a story about anything to do with my appearance ironically. It had everything to do with my internal transformation. 

After having my two boys in less than three years, I found myself completely unaccepting of the drastic changes my body had undergone.
No longer the athletic build and well over 100 pounds heavier than my previous weight, I didn’t think I deserved to buy clothes that fit me or looked good until I lost that weight.
But after some hard internal work, I decided the time was now to be worthy of living my best life.
Accepting that I needed to make a change, Amanda and I worked through my mental blocks & barriers to permit myself to buy & wear the clothes that fit me. Most importantly, the clothes that brought me joy and connection with my inner self.
 I still have days and moments where I need to remind myself to connect with myself and to put on clothes that reflect and respect who I am today.
I deserve to live my best life - and that includes an inspiring wardrobe.” 
~ Andrea Tolan 

Can’t say enough about how much I needed this and how awesome I’m feeling as a result.

“Having a closet that’s versatile and makes you feel amazing isn’t something I thought I could accomplish after a significant weight gain. But here I am, killing it! I also now have a better understanding of what styles and shapes are flattering on me, and how to use jewellery, aside from it looking pretty in a box on my dresser.

I can’t believe how satisfying it is to look at my nice clean closet of only clothes that actually fit. That was a worthwhile exercise. Can’t say enough about how much I needed this and how awesome I’m feeling as a result. Thank you!!”

~ Carolyn Campbell

Every time I go out, I feel confident in what I’m wearing.

“Amanda came to my house to help me with my closet and now, every time I go out, I feel confident in what I’m wearing. I don’t stand forever in my closet wondering what I’m going to wear because she helped me get rid of everything I didn’t wear or didn’t feel great wearing.

She even showed me how to make my “simple outfits” more fashionable with a few little tricks. I highly recommend her services!”

~ Linnea Vandenberghe


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