Style Confidence


  • Feel more confident in your clothes.
  • Dress in a way that feels aligned with who you are and the life you live.
  • Let go of a wardrobe that reflects an older version of yourself.
  • Feel EXCITED to get dressed for the day.
  • Let go of society's conditioning that keeps you playing small.
  • RADICALLY embrace and express who you are.
Then you are in the right place.

Here is how it works:

Define Your Personal Style

Length of Time: ~ 90 min + Plan

Preparation & Homework: Amanda will send you your homework via email to complete:

  • Fill out a Style Assessment
  • Power word identification
  • Vision Board
  • Pictures of outfits you typically wear (you wearing them)
  • Pictures of outfits or pieces that you struggle with or do not wear  (you wearing them)
  • Complete the homework sent to you (48 hours prior to session).
  • You will book your “Define Your Style” consult call, which is scheduled via Zoom.

Define Your Style Consult: 90 min on ZOOM

  • Amanda will help you clarify key power words to help define your personal style. These words will help you connect with how you want to feel and express yourself in your wardrobe.
  • Amanda will help to collect data on how to determine what YOU like to wear. Know confidently what makes you feel like YOU. Not what you have been influenced or conditioned to wear. You will get clarity on what makes you feel confident and that will also support your life.
  • Amanda will give you ideas and recommendations on the pieces or outfits you struggle with.
  • Amanda will give you outfit formulas to try that represent your personal style.

Personal Style Plan: 

  • You will receive your plan within 2-5 days of your style consultation.
  • A description of your personal style. 
  • Outfit formulas that match your personal style and that will also support your lifestyle.
  • Recommendations on 5 pieces to add to your wardrobe
  • Recommendations of stores to shop.

On going Support:

  • via email for 1 month after your session, you can reach out to Amanda to get feedback or to ask any style questions that come up. 


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