Style Insider Academy

"I now get to influence how other women can feel"

Lisa Walsh-Cooper, Style Insider student


The place you want to be if you want to discover who you are and unapologetically dress for the body you have now.

Whether you are starting from scratch or need to level up,

Style Insider Academy has got your back.


  • level up yourself and your style
  • Feel more confident in your outfits
  • Spend less time deciding what to wear for the day
  • Have your wardrobe match who you are on the inside
  • Be a part of a positive community of women that is free of judgement.
I have always struggled in finding my tribe. I was too intense, too honest and didn't want to conform to the status quo.
I went my own way and was always true to myself regardless of what others thought, but it was freaking hard and lonely.

I craved a community of like-minded women who weren't afraid to go for more in every aspect of their life  and did not care what anyone else thought. It was hard to find others like me, so I decided to start my own community. A safe place for those to discover and be unapologetically who they are.

Style Insider Academy is where you can feel safe to show up, do the work and freaking celebrate who you are.

I can’t wait to meet you inside the Academy.


Making getting dressed exciting again no matter your age or size. To help you wear more of the clothes in your closet and buy less that you won't wear. To make you see that you are worthy of expressing who you are and feeling more confident in your clothes. To recognize the beauty in yourself, just the way you are. 

Amanda Hanson, Personal Stylist and Owner of simplySTYLISH Inc.

Have you been searching for a place to fit in?

Don't worry, we've got you.


Each season we will:

Create our vision for our style and wardrobe.
Audit our clothing. We will analyze, purge & organize!
We will assess gaps and create a priority shopping list.
Learn about clothing types, outfits, shoes, accessories, etc…
Develop outfit formulas.
Have live coaching calls.
Feel more inspired and excited about opening your closet doors.

Inside the Style Insider Academy, I'll guide you through 5 pivotal stages....

Style Stage One:


This is your entry point for your style transformation.

During this stage, you will be doing some self-discovery, getting more clarity on who you are and how you want to show up in your life. You will have a better understanding of your challenges and how to get a clearer vision of your unique sense of style and goals.

Style Stage Two:

"Your Body"

This is where you learn strategies to develop a more healthy body image.

During this stage, you will be learn ways to reframe you beliefs about your own body image.

Style Stage Three:

"The Clothes"

This is where you will feel less frumpy and more polished in your clothes.

During this stage, you will be learning how to identify your body shape and learn how to assess all your pieces for the right fit. No more second guessing if something fits you correctly or if you can "pull it off".

Style Stage Four:

"The Closet"

This is where your closet becomes Prime Real Estate.

During this stage, you will learn how to develop a well balanced wardrobe that is full of clothes that you feel excited to wear.

Style Stage Five:

"The Outfits"

This is where you learn to create outfits that get feel excited about.

During this stage, you will have mastery on your personal style and know how to create outfits that make you feel like a kick ass babe for every aspect of your life.

What is the investment?

Join the Style Insider Academy for only $29 per month.

For less then your monthly coffee fix or your gym membership, you'll get:

  • Access to the Style Insider Academy and the community.
  • Fresh Content delivered monthly and sometimes weekly.
  • A live Q&A and coaching session once a month.
  • Invitation to join the private Academy community.
  • Membership price locked in and it will never be increased.
  • Cancel anytime with no fee.
Ready for something long-term?

Upgrade & Save $51

For those who like to go all-in from the very start, upgrade to our annual payment of $297 and score these bonuses:
  • save $51.
  • simplySTYLISH "Love & Style Your Body Shape Guide".
  • Price Lock Guarantee.
Upgrade & Save $51

Meet Your Friendly Neighbourhood Stylist

I am married to a man I fell in love with twice and a mom of a two. I always has a “healthy” stock of gin and bacon in my kitchen and I have a slight addiction to red lipstick 

I founded my company simplySTYLISH Inc. in 2017 and as a personal stylist, my purpose is to help women cut through the BS and shut down their negative self-talk.

I am passionate about teaching women how to unapologetically express who they are in their clothes.


Did you think the style stages were all that you were getting?


It is just the beginning. 

Every Month You Will Have:

Seasonal Extras

New seasonal teachings on how to style pieces, what to add to your shopping list and outfit creations.

Live Q&A

I will answer your questions and also give live personalized coaching & stylings sessions.

Style Challenges

The style challenges are going to push you out of your comfort zone and get your to take action on everything you've learned.

"I can’t thank you enough for coming to my rescue, literally. I knew a lot of my clothes didn’t fit anymore and I needed a little push to purge but I also learned a lot about what is flattering for me. Yes, clothes cover and keep us warm but they should also look and feel good!! I didn’t have a good sense of what looked good on me and now that I know better, I feel better about getting dressed and going out into the world!!"

Bridgette Greer McEwing

"Amanda helped me so much!! Now when I look in my closet I see only things that look good (and fit me). Saves me so much time in the mornings and I get to start each day feeling good instead of late and frustrated. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Seriously less than half the clothes in my closet and so many more great looks"

Hayley Bohan
Owner of "Marketing on Purpose"

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