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Style Confidence

Do you feel like your clothes represent an older version of yourself? Not sure what currently makes you feel good or confident?

In this package, you'll get clarity on how you want to feel & express yourself in your wardrobe. You will know how to dress in a way that feels aligned with who you are & the body you have now. 

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Closet Clarity

Do you feel overwhelmed & frustrated when you open your closet doors? Want clarity what should leave & stay in your wardrobe?

In this package, you'll have more clarity on your unique personal style and how to dress the body you have now. No more settling or buying clothes you never wear. From now on, your clothes will EARN their place in your wardrobe. You'll feel CONFIDENT and EXCITED to get dressed for the day. 

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Wardrobe Transformation

Want to create a purposeful & supportive wardrobe where you love & wear ALL your clothes?

In this VIP service, we dive into your own unique personal style and how to embrace & dress your body shape. You'll confidently know what clothes to release and add to your wardrobe (and what needs to leave). With a priority shopping list and outfit formulas, you'll create a wardrobe that supports your life, your body and your style. 

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Ready to Work with me?

Fill out my Style Assessment and then we will have a free 20 minute consult to talk about your wardrobe challenges and how I can best help!

Guidebooks & Courses

The Purposeful Wardrobe Workbook

In a self-guided workbook: Get clarity on your own unique personal style. Confidently know what pieces to keep and what to let go of. Wear more of your wardrobe. Create MORE outfits from what you already own. Shop with a plan and feel less overwhelm and more excitement in your closet! 

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