Personal Style & Wardrobe Transformation


  • To stop wearing the same outfits every week?
  • To stop the never ending wheel of shopping and purging?
  • To have a closet that represents who you are?
  • To save time and frustration when you get dressed?
  • To know how to confidently put together an outfit?
  • To look in the mirror and think, “damn, I look good!”?
Then you are in the right place.

Here is how it works:

Closet Audit + Shopping + Outfit Creation

Face to Face OR Virtual

You will have a 30 min phone consultation with Amanda and will chat about your goals and challenges in your wardrobe. You will chat about what kind of wardrobe will meet your lifestyle needs and what you love vs don’t love. You will go over any questions you may have.

  • Preparation for the session: 
    • Amanda will be helping you with purging clothing during the audit session, however it is recommended that you do a quick once over and purge anything that you know does not fit or is damaged. This is so that you can maximize the most of your time with Amanda. If this is not possible, then that is okay!
    • Complete the homework sent to you.
    • Have all your shoes, jewelry, coats, etc… out for easy access during the sessions.

 The Closet Audit:

  • This is where all the education happens. You will learn how to maximize you beautiful shape and dress that gorgeous body you have now. You will finally understand YOUR personal style, not the style of anyone else.
  • Clothes will be identified to purged or to be altered to fit you properly. You will finally understand WHY you are not wearing ALL the pieces in your closet and know what ones to keep. Amanda will help you with the organization of your closet for maximum use to save you time. Cause we all want more time to be doing other things tother hen searching through our closets every morning. Any wardrobe gaps will be identified so you can shop with intention and purpose.
  • After your consult, you will receive a Personal Style Guide that reviews all your personal styling tips and your prioritized shopping list. 
  • More detailed instructions will be provided on this process depending if you are face to face or a remote client.


  • Face to Face Shopping: will happen at a mutually agreed upon place and time. Amanda will arrive early to pre-shop your list and select clothes and outfits for you when you arrive at the store. She will select clothes that will best suit your body shape and lifestyle. You will be trying on multiple outfits, so wear clothes/shoes that will be easy to get on and off. You are not pressured to buy ANYTHING. It will be up to you to decide what you love. Amanda can help you narrow down your priorities based on your budget if you love everything (which often happens).
  • Virtual Shopping: Amanda will take your shopping list and shop virtually for you! She will send you your “Shopping Finds” link to access all the pictures and links. You have 1 round of edits and will give feedback on the piece and changes will be made if needed. This is a collaborative approach! Shop links within 1-2 days so the items can arrive for your “Fit & Style” session, where you will review the "fit" of your purchases. 

Outfit Creation:

  • After you have made all your priority purchases, Amanda will get into outfit creation mode. It is dedicated to fully maximizing your whole wardrobe and putting full looks together to help you save time and frustration. No more second guessing.
  • You will take pictures of all the pieces in your wardrobe and Amanda will create a virtual lookbook of up to 40 outfits for you to reference.

What happens next? 

Monthly support plans for on going support through email or text.

  • Want to know where to shop for a new items on you list?
  • Want feedback on an outfit?
  • Want feedback on a new purchase?
  • I offer monthly support plans to support 

Virtual Seasonal Update:

  • 45 minutes of video consult to talk about your priority shopping needs & budget.
  • You make sure your virtual closet it up to date. Add pictures of your current seasonal attire so we can build off of it.
  • Amanda will shop up to 15 items and will offer a few possible options on each item if possible depending on what is currently available.
  • You have one round of edits after feedback.
  • Once you place your orders and the clothes arrive, we will have a follow up 30 minute consult to make sure everything fits and answer any questions you may have about your newly purchased items.
  • Amanda will create up to 30 outfits using new items and current wardrobe in your lookbook.

Face to Face Seasonal Update:

  • 45 minutes phone consult to talk about your priority shopping needs & budget.
  • If you have a virtual closet, then you make sure it is up to date. Add pictures of your current seasonal attire so we can build off of it.
  • Amanda will pre-shop and meet you at a mutually agreed upon location. She will shop your seasonal shopping list with you.
  • Amanda will create up to 30 outfits using new items and current wardrobe in your virtual lookbook or in person.

Special Event Styling:

  • 30 min video consult to talk about your special event and needs.
  • It could be shopping for a special event outfit or styling outfits from what you already own for a trip.
  • 30 min follow up call to review purchases and outfits.


How the Virtual Experience Works


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