As a transgender, non-binary or gender fluid person, you deserve to experience the freedom & joy of connecting & expressing yourself in your clothes.


To be free to dress in a way that allows you to express who you really are, not who you've been told to be or how you think you "should" be.


That's why Amanda is offering support for a FREE 1 hour Style Session for a transgender, non-binary or gender fluid person that is looking to embrace & express their personal style.

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Want to wear MORE of what you own for LONGER?

To purchase LESS clothes?

To decrease overconsumption & waste in your wardrobe?

If & when you need to buy, to buy with  INTENTION?

To stop the unethical exploitation of garment workers & to reduce landfills full of discarded (and often unworn) clothing?

If you said "YES! I want that!" to any of the above, but don't know where to start, then this E-book is for you.

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Pack For a Trip, Stress Free!

Want to make sure you don't overpack or under pack for your next trip? Want to pack with ease and less stress? Then download my Packing Guide and then watch my video on tips to creating outfits stress free!

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Brand Shopping List for:

Folks with diverse physical abilities, sensory sensitivities, as well as folks who are gender nonconforming or trans gendered.

Access to inclusive clothing and brands is important for people who are rarely considered or included in the fashion and style industry. Wearing clothes that feel good on our bodies AND can help express who we are is crucial to creating a safer and more inclusive world. So, I've researched brands for you and have included all the links in this PDF.

xoxo Amanda

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