"Fashion is Failing Us

Embracing Sustainable Style & The Pathway to Change"

Want to wear MORE of what you own for LONGER?

To purchase LESS clothes?
To decrease overconsumption & waste in your wardrobe?
If & when you need to buy, to buy with  INTENTION?
To stop the unethical exploitation of garment workers & to reduce landfills full of discarded (and often unworn) clothing?


If you said "YES! I want that!" to any of the above, but don't know where to start, then this E-book is for you.

This E-book is being offered for FREE, but can you donate (pay what you can) by paying what you can below.

Tell me more about donating

Download the ebook here!

This e-book is being offered for FREE because I don't want there to be any financial barriers to us making collective change. 


However, I am asking for donations for those who have the means to pay what they can for the following reasons:


✔️ To support me and my time in creating this resource and being able to offer it for free so that it gets in more hands.


✔️ To help offset any costs in hosting & distributing this e-book on an ongoing basis.


✔️ To provide funding so that I can continue to offer my FREE Styling Service that I provide for Transgender & Non-Binary people. Learn more about it HERE. 


✔️ Any extra money will be donated to The Kindness Closet and their community programs that provide support, education and training to those impacted by justice system involvement and poverty.

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