Closet Clarity & Wardrobe Plan


  • To love and wear ALL the clothes in your closet.
  • To stop the buy-purge-buy-purge cycle.
  • To stop wasting time and money on clothes you never wear.
  • To understand how your clothes fit the body you have NOW and to feel more confident when you get dressed.
  • Know how to maximize the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Know your wardrobe gaps ands create a priority shopping list.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and stop wearing the same 5 outfits every week.
  • To confidently express who you are in your clothes.
  • To be more mindful and purposeful of your wardrobe going forward.
Then you are in the right place.

Here is how it works:

Identify Your Personal Style + Embrace & Dress Your Body Shape + Identify Your Priority Shopping List

Length of Time: ~ 4-6 Weeks

Preparation & Homework: 

  • Amanda will send you your homework via email to complete 48 hours prior to your first session.
  • You will book your first virtual consult call, which is scheduled via Zoom. 

Session 1:

How your clothes “earn” their place + Identifying Your Personal Style + Embracing & Dressing Your Body Shape ~ 1.5 hrs

  • On this call, Amanda will start to teach you the 5 tests your clothes need to pass in order to “earn” their place in your wardrobe (whether it’s what you currently own or new coming in).
  • You will deep dive into your wardrobe goals and identify your personal style in this session. You will get clarity on how your wardrobe supports how you want to feel and express yourself. 
  • You may also work through some personal challenges and barriers that have been preventing you from feeling more confident in your clothes. 
  • Amanda will teach you how to embrace and dress the beautiful body shape you have NOW.

Session 2:

How your clothes “earn” their place +  How they support your life + Getting Versatility ~ 1.5 hrs

  • On this call, Amanda will finish teaching you the 5 tests your clothes need to pass to earn their place in your wardrobe. 
  • You will get clarity on how your wardrobe will support all aspects of your life for any occasion. No more feeling like you have nothing to wear.
  • Amanda will teach you about how to start getting versatility in your wardrobe so that you can wear more from less.

Session 3:

Outfit Review + Intro to Auditing Your Wardrobe with Success. 

  • You will review the outfits and pieces that you struggle with so Amanda can give you feedback on how to style the piece, make alterations or to release it.
  • You will be able to better understand why a piece DOES or DOESN’T work. No more second guessing or doubt. You will better be able to evaluate your clothes going forward.

Closet Audit & Video Trainings: (on your own time)

    • You will receive your own personal login information to access the portal to the step by step training to the simplySTYLISH techniques on how to purge and organize your wardrobe. You will also have access to extra video on how to assess fit of tops, pants, dresses, skirts, and layering pieces. PLUS! Tutorials on outfit creation.
    • You will begin by sorting, evaluating, organizing and purging through your existing wardrobe. Further purging may happen during other sessions, but this is your first deep audit.
    • You will use your knowledge and education on your body shape, personal style and goals to help guide you during this process (5 tests that you will learn on how your clothes earn their place in your closet).
    • You will take a picture of you wearing any of your “maybes” or “I don’t have a clue” outfits or pieces to send via email to Amanda. This will be further discussed during the next virtual consultation.
    • Once you have finalized all the pieces you are keeping and all pictures are taken, you will upload them to your virtual closet for Amanda to review and assess your wardrobe gaps. 

Virtual Closet: (unlimited access)

  • Amanda will set you up with a Virtual Closet and a link will be sent to you to upload any pictures you have taken on your own. The number you have to upload is unlimited, but remember, it is easier to create more from less, so make sure you really love all the pieces in your closet and that they FIT.

Session 4: “Wardrobe Plan”: ~ 90 min

  • You will review your “maybes” and items you are not sure about. You will talk about any questions that came up during your audit. 
  • You will review what items you are missing to create full outfits and a wardrobe that will work for your lifestyle.
  • Amanda will create a personalized plan and a shopping list (with some examples) for you (with your final approval).
  • Amanda will send you your completed Wardrobe Plan with your shopping list after your last consultation call. 

 Wardrobe Plan Includes:

  • Colour plan (neutrals & accent colours that you want to incorporate into your wardrobe)
  • 5 step framework on how clothes EARN their place in your wardrobe
  • Priority Shopping List - so you know what to add to your wardrobe 
  • Review of your personal style
  • Guide on how to dress your body shape
  • Outfit formula examples for inspiration


Here's a link to a sample Virtual Closet 

Continued Support:

  • Unlimited access to your virtual closet as long as the software is currently maintained by its developers.
  • via email for 1 month after your last session, you can reach out to Amanda to get feedback on items you shopped for or to ask any style questions that come up.
  • You can upgrade to the Personal Style Transformation Package at any time or upgrade to have an outfit lookbook created for you. 


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Client Testimonials

~ Tammy

"I have always loved fashion, but being someone who has been in plus sizes since I was in middle school... I didn't have a lot of choices in clothing to fully express my style and personality.

Shopping with friends was never the same experience for me, they would rush into the changing rooms with their arms full of the latest fashion items while I awkwardly waited by the accessories rack looking for something I could buy that made me fit in.

I got used to settling for whatever clothing I could find in my size at department stores which was often oversized, outdated, and not at all what I wanted to wear. Most times, I would be wearing the same clothes as all the other plus size women I knew because we all had to shop at the 1 store in our town that carried plus sizes.

I was tired of my wardrobe, I had been looking at the same clothes I have been wearing for years and years. All the same colour, all the same shapes and none of them a reflection of me and how I wanted to show up in my life, but I had a real fear of getting rid of them.

I had a fear of not being able to find replacements for even the most basic pieces like T-shirts and leggings because that was a reality I had lived through my entire life as a plus size woman.

In comes Amanda into my life. She helped guide me through the process of letting go what no longer fit me both literally and emotionally. I didn't even really know I needed that kind of support for something as simple as clothing, but it was the best thing aside from therapy that I had ever done for myself.

It wasn't about the clothing, it was about taking me by the hand and walking me out of the shadows casted by society and putting me front and center in the spotlight of my life. She showed me that there are options now (yes it's ok to order online!) and it's ok to let go what no longer serves me.

I didn't have to fade into the background or hide my body and myself from the world.
Now, I have confidence in every piece of clothing in my wardrobe and I get excited about the idea of adding more pieces that reflect my personality! I no longer need to compromise my style based on what others feel I should be wearing, I'm free to be me."

** FYI** I am sharing a before and after picture of Tammy's transformation...not to shame her before. She was still the beautiful, worthy woman that she has always been. The only difference now, is that she knows how to make her outside reflect how she feels on the inside. She didn't have to change or shrink her body in order to love and celebrate it.**

~ Andrea @lifeinthe506


“I wanted to share my transformation story. This isn’t a story about before and afters of weight loss or anything to do with my appearance ironically.

It had everything to do with my internal transformation.
After having my two boys in less than three years, I found myself completely unaccepting of the drastic changes my body had undergone.
No longer the athletic build and well over 100 pounds heavier than my previous weight, I didn’t think I deserved to buy clothes that fit me or looked good until I lost that weight.
But after some hard internal work and the life altering year that was 2020, I decided the time was now to be worthy of living my best life.
Accepting that I needed to make a change, I reached out to Amanda. I worked through my mental blocks & barriers to permit myself to buy & wear the clothes that fit me. Most importantly, the clothes that brought me joy and connection with my inner self.
I still have days and moments where I need to remind myself to connect with myself and to put on clothes that reflect and respect who I am today.
I deserve to live my best life - and that includes an inspiring wardrobe.” 

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