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10 pieces that NEVER earn their place in my wardrobe


As a Style Coach for the past 6 years, these are the pieces that no longer EARN their place in my wardrobe.

Keep these in mind the next time you want to go shopping.


1. Pieces that are a bit too small in hopes that I eventually fit into them (screw oppressive beauty ideals). My body is a GOOD body and it deserves kindness and compassion. Putting clothes on it that fit NOW is and act of respect and love. 


2. Clothes that I don't love or really need just because it's a good deal or on sale. I've had to release so many pieces over the years because it was a good deal. I ended up settling on something just because it was cheap and I didn't really have a plan on how to wear it or even love it. I love a good sale, but shop with a plan and a list FIRST. Then wait for it to go on sale if you are shopping on a budget. You can shop the sales rack...but ONLY for pieces on your list.


3. Clothes that are not on my list. In my experience, the pieces I don't...

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Easy ways to create an ethical & sustainable wardrobe

wardrobe tips Apr 21, 2022


For the past 2 years, I’ve changed my relationship with my consumption and wanting to align my wardrobe closer to my values.

I’m paying more attention to who makes my clothes and understanding that someone is paying a high price (harmful work conditions, low wages and harmful to our planet) for our ease of access to fast fashion.

I’m paying attention to how my clothes are made and the impact on our environment.

As a very privileged person, I feel like it's my responsibility (as well as fashion retailers and governments) to stop harming our planet and the slave labour of mostly brown and black people for the sake of capitalism and our ability to over consume.
Am I perfect at this? Absolutely not.

But small change is better than no change. Screw perfectionism or All or Nothing Thinking. There are small actionable steps we can make today to help bring less harm to our planet and to those who make our clothes.


I know it can be overwhelming, so I'm...

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Deciding what enters your wardrobe

wardrobe tips Apr 19, 2022

Let me set a common scene...


Maybe it's getting warmer outside and the sun is shining brighter. You feel like you're coming out of hibernation and are feeling rejuvenated.


You skip to your closet (well, you might not actually be skipping, but I'm just trying to set the scene) cause it's time to dig out your Spring and Summer wardrobe.


You open your closet doors full of hope and excitement...

But then your shoulders deflate and SIGH.


You realize that none of your the clothes from last season fit, their old and ratty or you're just plain bored with them. 


Can you relate to the picture below (no matter the size of your butt)?



Right now, you have two options on how to move forward:

1. Close your doors and ignore it. You can keep wearing the same clothes piled in your floor right? Hey, if this fully serves and supports you, then this a completely valid option. If this doesn't feel supportive, then move option #2....

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