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10 pieces that NEVER earn their place in my wardrobe


As a Style Coach for the past 6 years, these are the pieces that no longer EARN their place in my wardrobe.

Keep these in mind the next time you want to go shopping.


1. Pieces that are a bit too small in hopes that I eventually fit into them (screw oppressive beauty ideals). My body is a GOOD body and it deserves kindness and compassion. Putting clothes on it that fit NOW is and act of respect and love. 


2. Clothes that I don't love or really need just because it's a good deal or on sale. I've had to release so many pieces over the years because it was a good deal. I ended up settling on something just because it was cheap and I didn't really have a plan on how to wear it or even love it. I love a good sale, but shop with a plan and a list FIRST. Then wait for it to go on sale if you are shopping on a budget. You can shop the sales rack...but ONLY for pieces on your list.


3. Clothes that are not on my list. In my experience, the pieces I don't...

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Do the perfect pair of jeans exist?

Before we dive into it, I want to say that finding a great pair of jeans is never worth forcing, torturing yourself or wasting money on. You don’t have to wear jeans if they don’t feel good to you. There are so many other alternatives for a casual pant (ex: jogger, elevated jogger, khaki, corduroy, leggings, etc…)

However, if you love jeans or love the look of jeans, then let’s dive into finding the best pair of jeans that we can for you.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer or solution. Sorry….that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

Maybe it seems SO EASY for others. But trust me, unless you have a horseshoe up your bum or have one of those bodies that the fashion industry caters to, it is always a process for finding the right jeans for most people.

You don’t always get to see the numerous pairs that people try on before they find the best pair for them. Me included. And on top of that, the best pair of jeans for my body has...

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5 ways clothes have nothing to do with appearance:

style tip Apr 22, 2021


1. They connects us to how we want to feel.

How do you want to feel for the day?

Want to embody a bad ass boss vibe? Want to feel more low key and comforting? Want to express your rebellious bold self? Want to feel more adventurous and fun today? Look at your closet and identify certain outfits or pieces that help you connect to how you want to feel for the day.

We are so inherently tied to our feelings and our clothes can help us connect to them on a deeper level.

2. The colours we wear can affect our mood.

When I wear red, it totally shifts my mood. If I am feeling bold, I wear red. When I want to feel sexy, I wear black lace. When I wear white, I feel light and bright. When I wear pink, I feel feminine. Studies have proven that colour affects our mood, so give you mood an extra boost and wear a colour that can affect you in a positive way.

I can feel JOY when I catch a glimpse of the colours I'm wearing throughout the day.

3. It's a nonverbal communication...

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Busting Style Myth #1

style tip Nov 05, 2020

Why am I busting style myths?

Because I've heard the 1000s of reasons as to why women have put limitations on expressing themselves in their style.

For years, we have been operating on an assumption that there is a "right or wrong" way to express ourselves in our clothes. I am here to break those down for you, because I hate rules, I hate limitations and I hate when others try to tell me what to do. I get to choose how I want to feel and how I get to express it and I want the same thing for YOU.

I want women to feel joy, freedom and excitement in their wardrobes like they did when they were kids. I don’t believe we will get there by having limitations placed on us. Limitations based on our size OR age.

Style Myth #1:

"I have to lose weight before I deserve to wear clothes that I love."

First off, this statement operates under the belief that you cannot feel good in your clothes if you live in a bigger body or in any body that is not "thin". So many women in bigger bodies are...

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A Secret to Buying Less Clothes

style tip May 05, 2020
This week I challenged my Style Insider Academy girls to wear something that we haven’t worn in awhile. It’s going to get us out of going for our “usuals” and help to breathe new life into a piece that otherwise might not have been getting some love.
So today I picked the vest I stole from my hubby and had altered to fit me.
Speaking of alterations...it is one of my secrets to BUYING LESS CLOTHES.
So many don’t look to alterations to salvage pieces that aren’t quite fitting right. I think we don’t consider alterations for many reasons.
1. We as women have the impression that our bodies are the problem when clothes don’t fit off the hanger...instead the problem is the clothes, not our bodies. A lot of men go with the expectation that most of their clothes will be altered. Women don’t and I think this needs to shift. Most of my clients always now consider alterations being a part of...
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Winter Boots for Every Occasion

style tip Dec 17, 2018

If you live in a place where the air hurts your face, then you will also need something to warm your feet for all the occasions in your life. Maybe you only have one pair that isn't cutting it for work AND the hockey rink or maybe the ones you have a falling a part and you are not sure what to invest in.

So today, I am sharing my favourite winter boots that have kept my feet warm these past few years. I will also be sharing links to the ones I have or ones similar. You are going to be seeing winter boots that are great for every day wear, for work, special occasion and for outdoor play!

Everyday Wear:

On days where the snow doesn't go past my knees, I love wearing my favourite Bos & Co. Belfield boots in Prune. My feet are cold from October to May, so I break out these babies in the Fall because they are a great ankle boot to wear with my cropped pants. I still wear them all Winter long with my all of my jeans and even with some dresses. I fell in love with this colour...

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Outfit Tips for Headshots & Videos

style tip Aug 24, 2018

Tips on how to dress for Headshots/Videos:

  1. Be Comfortable. Wear what you are comfortable in and that represents your own style and profession. You don’t want to be wearing something you feel uncomfortable in or doesn’t represent who you are. Getting pictures or taking videos can be uncomfortable enough. Wear a favourite outfit that is more elevated then your everyday wear. This will help you feel more confident and it will show on camera! You want your outfit to represent YOU.

2. Fit is King: FIT is KING. Get hemlines or sleeves altered. If something is too small or too big, don’t wear it or get it altered. You will feel it and be uncomfortable, so chose something that shows off your beautiful shape.

3. Colours. Go for solid colours and stay away from geometric patterns as it can be distorted on video. I recommend avoiding red, orange, black or white, as they are not good colours on camera. Jewel tones are the cameras friend. Choose solid...

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