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10x10 Style Challenge

outfit creation Oct 21, 2021

Have you ever participated in a style challenge before?

I've recently wrapped up a 10x10 challenge 

I have done several in the past and I've always learned something new about my wardrobe and created new outfits that I never would have tried before.

So what exactly is a 10x10 challenge?

 Trust me, I tried to explain it to my husband and it took in awhile to grasp it, so I have a guide that you can download that breaks it down further, but the short answer is...

 I choose 10 items of clothing that I can mix and match with each other and then I wear a different combination for 10 days.
Why a 10x10?
✅ To wear more of what I already own. I've slowed down my consumption since I got intentional in my wardrobe 4 years ago. One way to slow down consumption is to be purposeful in your buying and to wear more of what you own.
✅ Fun & Creativity. It might sound weird, but putting limitations on items in your wardrobe kick starts creativity. I...
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Life after a 10x10 challenge

outfit creation Dec 20, 2019

What is a 10x10 challenge and why do I need to evaluate life after it?

A 10x10 challenge is choosing 10 pieces of clothing to create 10 different outfits over 10 days.

It is not to test to see if I can only live with 10 items of clothing, though this challenge has taught me that I can come close if I really wanted to.

No, I do this challenge every year because it kick starts my creativity, more specifically creativity in my wardrobe. We don't play enough in our wardrobes. Maybe we don't because most of our clothes don't fit because you think the body you have now doesn't deserve clothes that fit. Maybe it's because your life has been in transition and it no longer represents the person you are today. Maybe because you think it is just too hard, so you don't bother.

One of the biggest reasons is because we have TOO MUCH stuff and we get overwhelmed and therefore it stumps our creativity because of too much stimulation and choices. So we fall back onto wearing the same pieces over and...

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Turtlenecks are BACK!

outfit creation Mar 15, 2019

I remember I went years avoiding turtlenecks.

One of the main reasons was because I couldn't stand having something around my neck that I can FEEL. It makes me feel like I am always close to chocking...NOT how I want to feel in my clothes. However, I found a thin lightweight turtleneck that does NOT sit against my neck last year. I have to say, other then my denim, it is my MOST worn piece this Winter.


Because it is great for layering! I can wear tees, dresses, cardigans and blazers over it. I chose black as it was going to give me the most wear in my wardrobe and I love the classic look paired with a fun pant. See, I have boobs (not big, but perfectly curvy) and I also have small hips, so I like to stay more neutral up top and let my legs be the focus with fun pants. My turtleneck was also a great way to stay WARM in our many cold months in Eastern Canada, as I could still wear it with my tees and not freeze when I put on a blazer.

Next on my list is to find the perfect...

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