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"Mommy, is it normal to not like parts of your body?"


I got the dreaded question that I knew would eventually come from my daughter...


No matter how much I modeled and taught her about radically accepting herself and her body, I knew that the misogynist, ableist and fatphobic conditioning around our bodies would seep its way into her young brain.

Last night we were reading a book about her changing body and what to expect. It was a great jumping off point to open up a safe space for her to ask questions and to have open and vulnerable talks with me.

She was looking through the book and I patiently waited to see what was going to come up for her. 

She looked at me with her big green eyes and I could hear the vulnerability in her voice as she asked, “Mommy, is it normal to not like parts of your body?”.


I was dreading and hoping she would never ask this question.

But at the same time I’m a realist and I know the world we live in. I work with clients every day who, after decades of hating...

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4 Ways to Change Your Definition of Success

challenge status quo Aug 06, 2020

Do you feel like you are always chasing the feeling of "success"?

I thought life was about setting goals and achieving them.

But when I kept reaching "burn out", I had to take a hard look the beliefs I was holding on to that kept leading me down the same path.
I thought I had to set goals to stay motivated and growing. But I realized that I am already a highly motivated person! I don't need a goal to move me to action. When I set goals, I tend to set crazy expectations on myself and when I don't achieve them, then it triggers negative self talk.
Did that mean I stopped having dreams and growing personally or in my business?
I just changed the way I saw my goals. It wasn't about how many clients I had, how much money I made, how many followers I had on social media (this is a WHOLE other topic)... So I gave up on setting goals.
The only intention I set this year was checking in with myself at my present moment and...
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