Do the perfect pair of jeans exist?

Before we dive into it, I want to say that finding a great pair of jeans is never worth forcing, torturing yourself or wasting money on. You don’t have to wear jeans if they don’t feel good to you. There are so many other alternatives for a casual pant (ex: jogger, elevated jogger, khaki, corduroy, leggings, etc…)

However, if you love jeans or love the look of jeans, then let’s dive into finding the best pair of jeans that we can for you.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer or solution. Sorry….that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

Maybe it seems SO EASY for others. But trust me, unless you have a horseshoe up your bum or have one of those bodies that the fashion industry caters to, it is always a process for finding the right jeans for most people.

You don’t always get to see the numerous pairs that people try on before they find the best pair for them. Me included. And on top of that, the best pair of jeans for my body has...

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Dismantling systems that oppress your body and ALL bodies

When we heal ourselves, we can heal the world.

We absolutely have an impact on others. Whether it's our children, family, close friends and our community. They hear what we say. They see what we do. They participate in our conversations.

We can be a light and a model for discarding outdated and harmful ways of treating bodies.

When we stop participating in oppressive and unrealistic practices around beauty, health and or our bodies, we can break the cycle.

But we CANNOT STOP THERE. We can't love our bodies into dismantling systems that oppress bodies.

We need to heal ourselves AND end white supremacy. Fight for trans rights. Demand weight neutral health care. End body hierarchies in value and worth. Provide an inclusive environment for those with disabilities (visible or invisible). 

What actionable steps can you take to start to dismantle the systems that oppress bodies in yourself and/or in our society?

**No action is too small AND it can change over time.

Here are some...

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"Mommy, is it normal to not like parts of your body?"


I got the dreaded question that I knew would eventually come from my daughter...


No matter how much I modeled and taught her about radically accepting herself and her body, I knew that the misogynist, ableist and fatphobic conditioning around our bodies would seep its way into her young brain.

Last night we were reading a book about her changing body and what to expect. It was a great jumping off point to open up a safe space for her to ask questions and to have open and vulnerable talks with me.

She was looking through the book and I patiently waited to see what was going to come up for her. 

She looked at me with her big green eyes and I could hear the vulnerability in her voice as she asked, “Mommy, is it normal to not like parts of your body?”.


I was dreading and hoping she would never ask this question.

But at the same time I’m a realist and I know the world we live in. I work with clients every day who, after decades of hating...

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Navigating body changes in your wardrobe



Are you starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel yet where you live?


Does life seem to be returning to a new normal yet?


Maybe you are heading back to an office or are starting to leave the house more frequently. This means that if you have been living in your loungewear for the past year, you might want to start branching out again.


This might mean that you will be looking at the clothes hanging in your closet for the past year.


It might mean that it's getting warmer where you live and have to try on last years shorts or swimsuits.


If you're like the most of us, your body might have changed while it was surviving a pandemic. And yes, your body might have needed to change while it was keeping you alive and managing stress the past year.


This can be frustrating and triggering for some. Let's get real...for many.


Me included!


It's frustrating when your clothes no longer fit!


For many, trying on clothes...

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The Conditioning of Womxn to be Appearance Focused

body image Aug 23, 2020
**I want to start this topic off by saying that there is NO judgement towards anyone who takes time to work on their appearance. I get that having rituals that help you focus on yourself and having pretty nails or a clean face can be beneficial. Hey! I focus on clothes and how they can help us connect with ourselves and how we feel.**
So NO judgement from me.
However, it hit me that a lot of womxn's self-care practices revolve around "improving" their appearance. I am sure that there is some biological evolution thingy going on...but I also question whether we have been conditioned to believe that our appearance, as womxn, is something that is always having to be improved or worked on in comparison to men.
I believe 100% yes. It is hard to deny that here has been an exorbitant amount of pressure and conditioning placed on womxn's value around their appearance and their objectification.
I know a lot of women spend a lot of time and...
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What we want the beauty & "health" industry to know

body image Mar 29, 2019
Dear Beauty & "Health" Industry,
I would like to share 10 things that I would greatly benefit your business. It can teach you how to ethically interact, sell & market to folks who no longer want to be ashamed of the way they look.
1. We already have bikini-ready bodies. You don't need to tell us how great we will look in it if we diet & exercise.
2. We are going to look beautiful on our wedding day no matter our size. Thanks anyway.
3. Tracking & measuring our food makes us obsessed with a stupid number and fosters fear of food, not being healthy.
4. Being "healthy" does not make folks morally superior.
5. There is no such thing as a goal weight - our size does not determine if we are a good or bad person. Our size doesn't even determine health or our ability to feel joy.
6. Shaming us for what we eat & restricting what we eat creates eating disorders & an unhealthy relationship...
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Body Positive Tips When You Gain Weight

body image Jan 11, 2019

We can all agree that losing weight is the most common New Year’s Resolution and can we also all agree that we are SICK of hearing about it everywhere??

Why has our world become so obsessed with losing weight?

My first guess is because the diet culture has been SO successful at feeding into our insecurities. The insecurities that they have fostered and benefited from. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying losing weight is bad. The obsession with it is. The obsession doesn’t teach you how to be happy, how to be a good person, how to be beautiful, how to be healthy and how to have a healthy relationship with food, body and your mental health.


SO...before you make your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, read this first.


For a lot of us, when we gain weight over a period of time or even suddenly, crazy things can happen to our thoughts and self-talk. Our inner voice can get nasty, mean, obsessive and sad. This can be due to how you were raised,...

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