S2 E9: Navigating body changes in your wardrobe

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Duration: 43 min

In this episode, I bring on my co-founder of The Real Diet Story Project, Roni Davis. It's an audio recording of an Instagram Live Roni and I did on our Real Diet Story Projects Instagram page (that we co-founded together). The Real Diet story's mission is to dismantle diet culture and its long term harmful affects in our society, by sharing REAL stories.
On today's episode, we are focusing on navigating our body changes - in our wardrobe.

Maybe your body has changed coming out of the pandemic...

Maybe you avoid dressing rooms or your closet like the plague...

Maybe the clothes you want to wear no longer fit...

Maybe clothes in general triggers shame, guilt or frustration...

Then this episode is for you.

In this episode, I share 5 ways to prepare yourself when trying on clothes for a more positive and gentler experience.


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S2 Ep8: So I hired a sex coach

“We are not made for outside consumption, were actually made for our own consumption and then we share that to the outside world... to who we choose to.” ~Serena


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Duration: 49 min

So...I hired a sex coach. I've been having sex for decades and it took me this long to finally dive deeper into intimacy, my own pleasure and desire. It does NOT mean that I am broken, that I don't like sex, that my sex life is broken or that my relationship with my husband is broken.
I grew up in a time where sex was not talked about. I did not grow up in a sex positive community or culture and it has impacted me on a deep level. I know that I am not alone.
So today, I bring on my sex coach Serena Haines to talk about how to foster a deeper intimacy with ourselves.
Find Serena here!
Follow her on IG: ...
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S2 Ep7: Disrupting Life for Radical Self-Acceptance

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Duration: 54 min

On todays episode, I bring on Jaclyn Reinhart, musician, friend and past client. Today, we are doing a cross over episode, as this will also be airing on Jaclyn's podcast.
After styling Jaclyn for her new upcoming album cover, I bring her on to share about what I call her "radical acceptance journey". 
She shares about what she learned from working with me (a Style Coach) and how she was shocked by how much her self-expression (through her clothes) was connected with her past and beliefs.
Jaclyn shares how she was able to move past some limiting beliefs about her body and wardrobe so that she could authentically express herself with more confidence.
Jaclyn also shares about her struggles of pursuing her career, co-parenting and realizing she had surrounded herself with toxic people and a...
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Mini Disruptions #1 - Your appearance is not the currency of your worth

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Duration: 9 min

I am trying something new today on the podcast.

I am sharing my first episode in what I am going to call my "mini disruptions" (I may change this, haha!) I will use them to dive in deeper on a certain topic, thought or idea that has been percolating in my brain. So, here goes the first one on the idea that "your appearance is not the currency of your worth".

In a society that values beauty, youth and thinness. There’s really only a few who get to benefit from it. And even if you do, it’s still fleeting. So we get stuck in a never ending pursuit of chasing flawless skin, a thinner body or hiding the natural aging process by any means necessary. Even if it makes you miserable and unhappy. 

You think that it’s the price of admission to acceptance, validation or self-worth.

So many base their self worth on:

  • The size of their body
  • Lack of...
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Navigating body changes in your wardrobe



Are you starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel yet where you live?


Does life seem to be returning to a new normal yet?


Maybe you are heading back to an office or are starting to leave the house more frequently. This means that if you have been living in your loungewear for the past year, you might want to start branching out again.


This might mean that you will be looking at the clothes hanging in your closet for the past year.


It might mean that it's getting warmer where you live and have to try on last years shorts or swimsuits.


If you're like the most of us, your body might have changed while it was surviving a pandemic. And yes, your body might have needed to change while it was keeping you alive and managing stress the past year.


This can be frustrating and triggering for some. Let's get real...for many.


Me included!


It's frustrating when your clothes no longer fit!


For many, trying on clothes...

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S2 Ep6: Raising a gender diverse child

"Clothes are just an expression of who you are... but for trans people they can use them to help feel more like who they are and to also show others what gender they are, BUT we still don't want to make assumptions" ~ Jan


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Duration: 1:07

Today my guest, Jan Gootjes, is aiming to set precedent with a human rights violation case against a local summer camp that discriminate against her gender diverse son.
I brought Jan on to share her unique and important perspectives on raising a gender non-conforming child. 
We discuss many important aspects of how gender is perceived by ourselves and others, as well as her sons experience transitioning at a young age.
She shares an amazing story (that brought me to tears) on how he began to embrace who he actually is rather than what others and society put onto him from...
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S2 Ep5: 20 Personal, but fun facts

"Soooo... I get really stressed out when I can't communicate easily with or understand people... That's why I don't like babies... Like seriously, babies stress me the fuck out!" ~ Amanda (host)


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Duration: 1:16

In this episode, I bring on my best friend and past podcast guest (S1 Ep:3) who is also named Amanda back onto the podcast to drink some gin with me and to me  20 personal questions!

I did not know the questions ahead of time.

Before we dive into the questions, my guest Amanda and I do a deep dive into her new found joy in Tiktok and how she found a community of people (the "new coming out" lesbians community) that she can relate to. It's helped her to learn more about the community and herself as a late coming out lesbian.

Then we dive into the 20 questions.

I share what I've learned about being a wife, my biggest fears, my biggest...

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S2 Ep4: Inspirational Women - Cassandra

"When you're younger and first enter your career ... you see these people and they're SO far along and have accomplished so much and you just think to yourself, well I just can't POSSIBLY be that person. Then I realized that they started somewhere and they can't be THAT much smarter than me..." - Cassandra

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Duration: 1:11

In today's episode, I'm introducing a new series that you will be see throughout Season 2 where I share inspirational women and their lessons in life.

So, to kick off this series, I bring on a friend Cassandra Blackmore, who is running for City Council in Fredericton, NB. However, I first met her when she wanted to start her own Wardrobe Consulting business.

Cassandra worked in wardrobe consulting for awhile, but followed her passion to become the Executive Director of Fredricton's Community Kitchens (making and giving food...

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S2 Ep3: Your sex life is not broken


Duration: 1:08

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Today, I bring on Sofia Fortin, founder of the Happy Vagina Project. She is a certified sexuality coach and sex educator who specializes in working with mothers who want to step back into their sexy and find their dormant libido after kids. She is a mother, step mother, life-long entrepreneur, feminist, and a firm believer in the power of reclaiming our sexuality to create a ripple effect across our life.

In today's episode:

  • We talk about our struggles, as women, to be able to enjoy sex in a way that serves ourselves.
  • We talk about how sex was introduced to us while we were young and about the complexities and unique experienced women go through in having/ giving "the talk".
  • Sofia explains to us the different sex archetypes and how they can tap into aspects of your personality/self to allow for a more fulfilling sex life and to feeling...
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S2 Ep2: Embracing my grey

"When I turned 40, I realized that my time is precious, my time is limited and I asked myself where did I want to spend my time and energy. 100% it was not on my hair. That is what felt right for me."

~ Amanda

Duration: 16:27

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In today's episode, I'm sharing:

  • Why I decided to stop dying my hair and to embrace my grey.
  • What my process was for growing my grey out and the upkeep.
  • How I felt about the process and if I regret it...will I go back to covering my grey??
  • What my husband thought about it.
  • How to know if it's right for you....
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