Winter Boots for Every Occasion

style tip Dec 17, 2018

If you live in a place where the air hurts your face, then you will also need something to warm your feet for all the occasions in your life. Maybe you only have one pair that isn't cutting it for work AND the hockey rink or maybe the ones you have a falling a part and you are not sure what to invest in.

So today, I am sharing my favourite winter boots that have kept my feet warm these past few years. I will also be sharing links to the ones I have or ones similar. You are going to be seeing winter boots that are great for every day wear, for work, special occasion and for outdoor play!

Everyday Wear:

On days where the snow doesn't go past my knees, I love wearing my favourite Bos & Co. Belfield boots in Prune. My feet are cold from October to May, so I break out these babies in the Fall because they are a great ankle boot to wear with my cropped pants. I still wear them all Winter long with my all of my jeans and even with some dresses. I fell in love with this colour and was even MORE happy when it matched my Winter coat. What is great about these boots is that they are great for up to -15 celcius and they are waterproof and pre-treated so I don't have to treat them myself. This will be my 3rd winter with them and they still look like new. You can find them in the shopping link that I will be providing. I bought mine at my local boutique The Urban Show Myth and they had these in stock this year as well. Even though they have a heel, these boots are comfortable and have a good grip on the soles.


On days where there is snow up past my ankles, I put on these Santana boots that I bought a few years ago. I wear these when I am picking up my daughter from school, running errands and almost any daily activity we do except play. What I love about these is that they have clean lines are a neutral tan colour and they are flat. They have a wider calf so, they would be great to wear over your work pants to wear back and forth to work. They have lining on the inside, have great grips on the soles and are also pre-treated and waterproof. This style is no longer being sold, but I will be linking similar ones in the same brand for you in the Shopping link that you will see soon.

Work or Special Occasion:

I wear these Hudson boots from Bos & Co over my skinny jeans and with my dresses and skirts. They are great for work or special occasion because they are a little more dressed up with a heel and snug fit along the leg. They go up to my knee and keep my legs warm when I am not wearing any pants. They are similar to my ankle boots above, as they have the same heel, lining, tread and pre-treated exterior. If heels are not your thing, I will also be linking a similar pair with no heel in the Shopping Link.


I wear these black ankle boots from Naturalizer with my dresses, skirts and dress pants for work or a special event. The black leather and heel makes them appropriate for a more "dressed up" look and they go great with jeans if I want to dress them up. I like that they have a slim and high shaft up the ankle, which make them great for cropped or ankle pants and can still look great with a dress. They are leather, waterproof, have some insulation and have non slip textured rubber soles. I will be linking ones similar in the Shopping Link.


Outdoor Activities:

For playing outdoors with my kids, skiing or snowshoeing, I wear these boots from Northface. I have linked a pair of Northface boots that come highly reviewed and some Sorel boots as well. I love the look of Sorel's, but I have a high instep and my feet won't easily fit into many of them. I have linked some highly reviewed Sorrel's as well.





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