Bonus - Part 2: Weight & Food Freedom

"There's this idea that if we love ourselves, then we're only eating healthy food, exercising every day of the week; doing all these chores... To eat & exercise the way "they" tell us we should... I would argue that NONE of that is loving ourselves. It's not loving yourself if you're following someone else's rules of what you "should" be doing for your body. I would argue that that's abandoning yourself. Actually loving yourself is pausing every day and asking yourself how you feel and what you want to feel" ~ Roni Davis


Duration: 1:19

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In honour of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, I'm dedicating 2 bonus episodes on the podcast to 2 amazing women who are sharing their stories of recovery and empowerment.
Trigger Warning: Mention of eating disorders.
In Bonus ep 2, I bring on my friend Roni Davis, founder of Cognitive Eating Academy.
Roni Davis is a former award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, as well as a nationally qualified champion figure athlete. She also spent almost 3 decades struggling with weight, food, negative body (and self) image, really mean self-talk and even binge eating, bulimia, clinical depression and an anxiety disorder.

Drawing on her decades-long healing journey combined with over a decade of professional knowledge, education and experience she created Cognitive Eating. It's a simple to follow step-by-step system that allows her to take others through the process of uncovering and changing the thought and behavior patterns that cause weight and food struggles.
She guides her clients to a greater understanding of themselves and their own needs. Her clients develop deeper connections to themselves and more balanced & present ways of living so they can improve their overall health and well-being in ways that are grounded in connection & self-trust - self-compassion and love.

Find Roni:

Instagram: @roni.davis and @cognitiveeating
Facebook: @cognitiveeatingacademy
Websites: and
Her Podcast: "It's All In Your Head" - where you'll learn that the power to change your health, your habits and your life is ...all in your head.
Freebie: Why’d I Eat That? Ebook - Get massive clarity on your barriers to weight loss and healthy eating, including why the struggle has never been your fault.
Stay tuned for Season 2 of The Women Disrupted Podcast soon.

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