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Turtlenecks are BACK!

outfit creation Mar 15, 2019

I remember I went years avoiding turtlenecks.

One of the main reasons was because I couldn't stand having something around my neck that I can FEEL. It makes me feel like I am always close to chocking...NOT how I want to feel in my clothes. However, I found a thin lightweight turtleneck that does NOT sit against my neck last year. I have to say, other then my denim, it is my MOST worn piece this Winter.


Because it is great for layering! I can wear tees, dresses, cardigans and blazers over it. I chose black as it was going to give me the most wear in my wardrobe and I love the classic look paired with a fun pant. See, I have boobs (not big, but perfectly curvy) and I also have small hips, so I like to stay more neutral up top and let my legs be the focus with fun pants. My turtleneck was also a great way to stay WARM in our many cold months in Eastern Canada, as I could still wear it with my tees and not freeze when I put on a blazer.

Next on my list is to find the perfect striped turtleneck, cause I cannot have enough stripes in my closet (leopard print is a close second). So, I am sharing all of my favourite ways that I have styled my turtleneck this year. Let me know if you have a favourite or it inspires you to get one of your own!

Outfit 1: Yes! I am wearing a Canadian Tuxedo, but I actually love this look! The black turtleneck adds some contrast against the denim and I love how the brown boots draw the eye away from ALL the denim. I actually haven't worn this yet as it is still too cold for my denim jacket, but it will be the FIRST thing I wear with my jacket this Spring.


Outfit 2: I added a button-up over it and the cuffed the sleeves so I can add visual interest to my top and draw the eye to my wrists. I wore this as an every day casual outfit while working from home and running errands with my daughter.

Outfit 3: I love having a statement piece POP by wearing it with a monochromatic look. So, I wore all black to make my beloved leopard print cardigan be the star. I wore this as an everyday casual outfit and I have worn it working with a client or for coffee with a friend.

Outfit 4: I am still going a bit monochromic with this outfit. But I wanted an edgier and sexier vibe. So, I added my favourite black blazer and over the knee black boot. I wore this to an event at one of my favourite boutiques Lordon with a client.

Outfit 5: This is one of my FAVOURITES. I paired it with my POWER pants when I was giving a workshop. I love teaching and public speaking, but I still get nervous and have moments of self-doubt. So, I need to wear something that ups my energy and gives me confidence. THIS outfit does that for me in spades.

Outfit 6: This outfit is something I would wear casually and I needed to add something fun to it. So I added my leopard print belt and flats.

Outfit 7: I am wearing it with a plaid suit. I was looking for a suit for more professional wear (but something unique) and it goes well with it. I didn't end up keeping this suit, but that is for my next blog post!

Outfit 8: I added a graphic tee so I could be warm enough to wear my favourite tees without having to put a sweater over it!



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