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Pack less and create more for a trip!

travel Nov 23, 2019

I know when I go on vacation, packing can be a trigger for stress and anxiety. What if I don’t have enough? What if things don’t match? What if something comes up and I have nothing that makes me feel good? I don’t want to overpack!!  So, I am sharing my tips that helped me pack for my 2 week trip to California.

This is a basic overview, as all vacations are unique. You may be doing a destination vacation, a family vacation, couples vacation, long term vacation, camping vacation...so I am hoping that these tips will help you apply it to any type of vacation that you are going on. As a bonus, I have created planning cheat sheet to help you plan and pack for your next trip! 

My super duper awesome packing tips to not over pack:

  1. Research, Organize & Plan: Research the weather for the days at the location you are going to.  down all the days you will be away on a list and any events or activities planned on that day. 
  2. Outfit Creation Time: watch my video to see how I attack creating my outfits so they can easily all mix and match with each other. I create an outfit for each day and for any special events/activities you have planned. I don't estimate and cross my fingers that it will work together. I make sure it does by creating all the outfits. I physically go grab the items and lay them out and start thinking about the outfit and for what activity I will use it for. 
    • Start your neutral pieces because they can be easily be mix & matched with other pieces. 
    • Pick a few statement pieces to liven up your neutral outfits. Think 70% neutral & 30% fun.
    • Choose lightweight and no wrinkle garments if you can.
    • Tops & bottoms: Pack less bottoms that can easily pair with various tops. Pack a top for each day you are away, unless you have access to a washer.
    • Pack special occasion outfit that is planned or might come up.
    • Pack a few layering pieces that can maximize what you already have.
  3. Accessories - Icing on the cake! Think about what you want to bring to liven up an outfit. Think jewelry, belts, scarves, belts (if you need one). These don't take up much room and they can change the feel to an outfit, so that you can feel like you have more from less just by adding or changing an accessory.

  4. Undergarments - chose nude underwear and bra so you don’t have to worry about it showing through any of your light coloured clothes and pick seamless ones as well if you can. 

  5. Footwear: Pack minimal and as versatile as possible. General rule: bring one casual boot/shoe/sandal and one dressy boot/shoe/sandal and one sneaker for days that maybe you are doing a lot of walking. 

  6. Coats - Think about a light layering pieces for cool evenings, unless you are going somewhere cold, then bring a coat for the cold weather. Wear it on the plane so you don’t have to worry about it taking up packing space.

  7. Misc pieces - I only pack 1 PJs per week...or you can forgo the PJs completely if you want to go real minimal. For those who like to exercise on their vacation, then I would pack one or 2 work-out outfits. Bathing suits, you may be able to get away with one or two, but could vary on the type of vacation you are having.

  8. Edit - visually place out all your outfits so that you can see them. Then see how you can widdle down some pieces that you may not need because you will be able to use a piece from another outfit to create a new one. Add 1 extra outfit for those cases where it comes in handy. Put it in your purse or a carry on bag.

  9. Packing - Roll up your clothes into packing cubes that will help organize them as well. 

My 2 Week Packing Guide:

Here is the breakdown of what I packed for 2 weeks in a warmer climate, what I would change and the game changers that helped make my trip easier. I also have shopping links for my game changers for you inside my guide!

My Packing Guide + Game Changers

Planning Makes Packing Easier

Why do you plan without a list and information? You know it makes it harder on yourself. Reduce your stress and use my packing planner to help you.

My Packing Planner

I hope you found this helpful and it can make packing for you r next trip less stressful.



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