The Himalayan Salt Room

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2019

Imagine walking into a dimly lit space where everything is tinted pink, the walls glow and you’re cuddled up by a fire with a soft blanket. The floor is covered by three inches of loose salt minerals and for 30 minutes, you just sit there catching up with a friend, meditating, or napping, but also working on your health at the same time? It sounds like the best way to spend 30 minutes of my day. So, I was excited to partner with Healthy Inc. Allergy & Wellness Clinic to experience the opening of their Himalayan Salt Room.

Halotherapy is a holistic, natural treatment that uses microparticles of salt to promote:

healthy skin, better breathing, more restful sleep, improved physical fitness, enhanced moods and overall health and wellness.

Are you looking for a new meeting spot with a friend?

Or maybe a place to hold a small team meeting or find the time to reconnect with yourself in solitude? You might as well do it at a place that you can experience health benefits at the same time. When I booked my session, instead of experiencing the Salt Room alone, my mother joined me for some quality mother and daughter time.

When I walked in, my eyes took in all the beautifully mounted salt blocks on the walls, the electric fireplace and 4 chairs with blankets to cuddle and relax in. If you want to activate your auditory senses, then they have ipods and earphones hidden inside the footstools for you to listen to music. All you need to do is pick a seat and a blanket, then the lights are lowered and the beautiful salt blocks light up all around you. You can even pick the colour that is most visually appealing to you. The fan is turned on and your 30-minute experience begins.

Where does Halotherapy come from?

Ancient healers and philosophers recommended salt inhalation for the respiratory system and it originated in the salt caves of Poland where workers experienced fewer skin and respiratory illnesses. There are thousands of salt rooms all over the world.

Why would you want to visit the salt room?

The benefits of Salt Therapy is wide-ranging, as it affects our cell activity, energy and blood sugar levels. Himalayan salt has upwards of 84 minerals that can be absorbed through the skin to detoxify and nourish your body while breathing deeply in the relaxing atmosphere of our salt room. The natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of Himalayan salt can help with respiratory issues, allergy symptoms, skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and much more.

Other benefits are:

  • Improved mineral status of the body
  • Reduce Muscle Cramps
  • Acts as a powerful antihistamine
  • Improves hydration
  • Supports hormone balance
  • Helps balance blood pressure
  • Improves sleep

Healthy Path Inc. is located at 44 Marr Road, Rothesay, New Brunswick and you can book an appointment at (506) 847-0254. I have been going to Healthy Path for the past few years to receive Reflexology and Aromatouch Therapy. My daughter also has received the Allergy Elimination Technique to treat some of her reactions to bug bites and food sensitivities. I can’t wait to experience their Himalayan Salt Room again. Book your experience today! You can visit them on the Facebook page HERE and their Instagram page HERE.


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