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S2 E11: Setting Boundaries

"If you can't communicate your boundary, than how is anyone else going to know how to respect what you want/need or keep the space you want? Sometimes you even need to set boundaries for yourself. The best way to practice respecting boundaries is by respecting your own. It's a practice" ~ Amanda 


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Duration: 1:12 

On this episode, I bring on my good friend and past guest, Lisa to discuss the need for us to set our own boundaries and the complexities that come from it.
We share how we recognize and visualize our own boundaries.
We dive into how boundaries can be malleable and how it's good to think about why and how that allows you to let people in…
We talk about how when it comes to boundaries setting, we are only responsible for ourselves and not about how others feel about our boundaries.
We talk about understanding that by having stronger boundaries, that people WILL try to push it, because of their own desires or not fully understanding new boundaries. Remember in the moment, it may be hard, but you set boundaries for a reason.
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