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S2 Ep6: Raising a gender diverse child

"Clothes are just an expression of who you are... but for trans people they can use them to help feel more like who they are and to also show others what gender they are, BUT we still don't want to make assumptions" ~ Jan


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Duration: 1:07

Today my guest, Jan Gootjes, is aiming to set precedent with a human rights violation case against a local summer camp that discriminate against her gender diverse son.
I brought Jan on to share her unique and important perspectives on raising a gender non-conforming child. 
We discuss many important aspects of how gender is perceived by ourselves and others, as well as her sons experience transitioning at a young age.
She shares an amazing story (that brought me to tears) on how he began to embrace who he actually is rather than what others and society put onto him from birth.
We also share about how boys and girls are both seen differently in the world. How the impacts us on an individual level, on a societal level and how it influences cultural norms, like clothes, sports, hobbies, and even ways of acting.
Jan's shares WHAT normalized micro transphobia is and how cis heterosexual people can help trans people feel more comfortable/ normal in the world and in their own skin.
Jan also highlights the important difference between acceptance and affirmation.
Lastly, the two discuss why the normalization of sharing our pronouns can help gender diverse, non-binary and trans people feel better in everyday life and in the world.
Cause should't the world be SAFE for everyone? No matter their gender, sexuality, skin colour or body size?

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