Outfit Tips for Headshots & Videos

style tip Aug 24, 2018

Tips on how to dress for Headshots/Videos:

  1. Be Comfortable. Wear what you are comfortable in and that represents your own style and profession. You don’t want to be wearing something you feel uncomfortable in or doesn’t represent who you are. Getting pictures or taking videos can be uncomfortable enough. Wear a favourite outfit that is more elevated then your everyday wear. This will help you feel more confident and it will show on camera! You want your outfit to represent YOU.

2. Fit is King: FIT is KING. Get hemlines or sleeves altered. If something is too small or too big, don’t wear it or get it altered. You will feel it and be uncomfortable, so chose something that shows off your beautiful shape.

3. Colours. Go for solid colours and stay away from geometric patterns as it can be distorted on video. I recommend avoiding red, orange, black or white, as they are not good colours on camera. Jewel tones are the cameras friend. Choose solid colours or a very low contrast pattern. Blue and greens are always safe colours! See the following picture and how the stripes are distorted. 

4. Jewelry or not to Jewelry. Yes, you can wear jewelry! I recommend that your jewelry should be light and simple. You may have external lighting added to your shoot and shiny large jewelry will reflect off the light and be distracting on video and camera.

5. Fabrics matter. Chose simple fabrics and avoid shiny fabric while on camera as it will be reflective.

6. Know your Backdrop. If you are going elsewhere for your video or headshot and there will be a backdrop, then ask what colour the backdrop will be. You will want to choose an outfit that contrasts the colour, so that you don’t fade into the background.

7. Always Test First! If you are unsure, then dig out your camera and take some pictures or a quick video and analyze it. It always good to practice before the big day!

8. Go with comfort and what represents YOU first. This should always trump any other guidelines. Show people who YOU are and feel confident!  

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