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001: My Midlife Crisis, My Way (Part 1)


"When my son went to College, I felt a loss and a shift in our relationship and therefore in myself. It led me to ask myself, who am I? To question the life I built and is this still the life I want?"

Duration: 22:39

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In the very first episode of Amanda Hanson’s ‘Women Disrupted Podcast’, she gives a candid, in-depth glimpse into her life and how her son leaving for college has triggered a shift in herself and the changes she is making to her life going forward.
In this episodes you will hear:
  • How these "crises" are normal, healthy, and can kickstart a positive change, or as she would puts it, a positive disruption in our own lives and in the lives of others.
  • That discomfort and chaos usually means growth and expansion. As humans, we never stop growing, whether we are coming of age, 30, 40, or on the cusp of retiring.
  • The importance of removing our filters that we put on our voice, our personality, or on our opinions to make others feel more comfortable. We need to remove those filters so that we can truly "be" who we are on the inside. 
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