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002: My Midlife Crisis, May Way (Part 2)

"I stopped finding my worth and value by what I did or anything external. It wasn’t about how much I did or didn't do by the end of the day. By how much was in my bank account. By how much time I spent with my daughter or not. What kind of house I lived in, how many degrees I have... I started to measure my happiness based on how much I was living to my values. Letting my values guide me internally, rather then anything that is happening externally to me."

Duration: 36:35

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In this episode:

  • Amanda elaborates on the disruption in her life she introduced in the previous episode and discusses how organizing her core values helped her ground herself in what she needs to do to be satisfied with herself again; in her personal life, and in her personal styling business.
  • She explains how a focus on external achievements doesn't necessarily equate to feelings of success.  Feelings of fulfillment and happy is completely an internal process.
  • She discusses the importance of keeping her established core values in mind in everything she does. Connecting to our values lives inside our bodies, rather than overthinking everything or allowing our minds or societal standards to guide our actions and feelings.
  • Keeping these values allows her to be comfortable in speaking her mind and allow her to teach other women to do the same for themselves.
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