S2 E10: Is the medical system failing women?

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Duration: 39 min

As a woman, have you ever been dismissed by a doctor on your pain, medical concerns or symptoms?
I have heard numerous stories of women being dismissed or brushed off on their medical concerns. Some have been even refused to be physically examined or to do any further testing.
In today's episode, I bring on Jennifer Fougere to share her story and the long lasting repercussion of neglectful and unfair treatment/ dismissal by an OB. 
Jennifer got news of abnormalities and a hard mass during an exam. They ended up being fibroids though she didn’t learn much besides that she had them and that they grow in the uterus… every few months she ago to the office to essentially watch them grow but her doctor never laid out a treatment plan…
This prevented her from getting pregnant at the young age of 29-33 and was eventually told the only treatment was a hysterectomy. 
Jennifer didn't accept this news and fought for herself. Tune in to hear what she did so that you can be inspired to be your own advocate.
Are our doctors as up to date in their knowledge in up to date treatments and procedures to best advise or treat you? How are they held responsible for lack of care? These are all good questions to ask.
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