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S2 Ep4: Inspirational Women - Cassandra

"When you're younger and first enter your career ... you see these people and they're SO far along and have accomplished so much and you just think to yourself, well I just can't POSSIBLY be that person. Then I realized that they started somewhere and they can't be THAT much smarter than me..." - Cassandra

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Duration: 1:11

In today's episode, I'm introducing a new series that you will be see throughout Season 2 where I share inspirational women and their lessons in life.

So, to kick off this series, I bring on a friend Cassandra Blackmore, who is running for City Council in Fredericton, NB. However, I first met her when she wanted to start her own Wardrobe Consulting business.

Cassandra worked in wardrobe consulting for awhile, but followed her passion to become the Executive Director of Fredricton's Community Kitchens (making and giving food to people who need it). PLUS taking her undergrad in Political Science.

All at the age of 27!!

She's got a lot on her plate and has a lot to share about lessons she's learned on her way to this point...

I wanted to bring on Cassandra because she is a POWERHOUSE and part of the next generation that is going to make big changes in the world and I needed her voice to be heard.

In today's episode:

Cassandra shares about how working a lot of solo careers, she got more in touch with what she REALLY desired to do. Her desire led her to volunteer with the Fredericton Community Kitchens where she, rather quickly, became the Executive Director.

She describes her lessons learned when she had to figure out how to continue delivering food to people who need it during the pandemic shortly after obtaining her directorial position.

She shares the many life lessons that shaped how she maintained a successful leadership position.

She also shares the positive and negatives of being completely homeschooled in her youth...

Find Cassandra:

Website: www.cassandraforcitycouncil.com

IG: @cassandraforcitycouncil



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