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S2 Ep8: So I hired a sex coach

“We are not made for outside consumption, were actually made for our own consumption and then we share that to the outside world... to who we choose to.” ~Serena


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Duration: 49 min

So...I hired a sex coach. I've been having sex for decades and it took me this long to finally dive deeper into intimacy, my own pleasure and desire. It does NOT mean that I am broken, that I don't like sex, that my sex life is broken or that my relationship with my husband is broken.
I grew up in a time where sex was not talked about. I did not grow up in a sex positive community or culture and it has impacted me on a deep level. I know that I am not alone.
So today, I bring on my sex coach Serena Haines to talk about how to foster a deeper intimacy with ourselves.
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