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026 - Why we need a Death Doula

"Death and talking about it is almost like the last taboo, you know? Everybody is out there telling you about their sex lives and it's being more normalized... But death; who do you hear talking about that?" ~ Elisabeth


Duration: 1:10
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In today's episode:
  • I bring on Elisabeth Almerini on to talk about all things death, dying, and funerals. Why? Because Elisabeth is an end of life doula. She is someone who accompanies you or helps you and your family in your final weeks or days of life.
  • We get to learn about the ins and outs of what her unique career path means for her patients. We touch on what actually happens to our bodies within our last days of living, as well as normalizing talking about death.
  • Elisabeth shares about the death cafe that she runs. It is where people go and talk about death explicitly to help normalize it to reduce fear surrounding the mystery of death.
  • We also talk about some more modern "greener" ways of being buried.
  • Elisabeth shares her unique experience being with people as they die and the beauty one can find within it.

Find Elisabeth Almerini, RN, BSN, CHPN, Certified EOL Doula: www.leavingpeacefully.com

Elisabeth shared a BIPOC Doula www.goingwithgrace.com

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