Do the perfect pair of jeans exist?

Before we dive into it, I want to say that finding a great pair of jeans is never worth forcing, torturing yourself or wasting money on. You don’t have to wear jeans if they don’t feel good to you. There are so many other alternatives for a casual pant (ex: jogger, elevated jogger, khaki, corduroy, leggings, etc…)

However, if you love jeans or love the look of jeans, then let’s dive into finding the best pair of jeans that we can for you.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer or solution. Sorry….that’s probably not what you wanted to hear.

Maybe it seems SO EASY for others. But trust me, unless you have a horseshoe up your bum or have one of those bodies that the fashion industry caters to, it is always a process for finding the right jeans for most people.

You don’t always get to see the numerous pairs that people try on before they find the best pair for them. Me included. And on top of that, the best pair of jeans for my body has changed as my body changed over the years.

There are so many factors that impact how we want our jeans to feel & look. Also which brands people like or love are all individual. All my clients love different brands of jeans. My favourite jeans are not even sold by the brand anymore. They offer different fits and styles that are different (however, I’ve been able to find similar ones 2nd hand) on Poshmark.

Not one pair is going to fit all bodies the same -> It does NOT mean that one body is better than another. (however, I want to acknowledge that some body sizes and shapes have an easier time finding jeans that fit because most fashion brands do not create or sell inclusive sized clothing).

Some of us have fuller bellies. Some of us have wider hips. Some of us have thick thighs or calves. Some of us have narrow hips. 

Some of us like a middle rise jean and some prefer a higher rise and yes, even a lower rise (I still own 2 pairs). Some like stretchy jeans and some like ones with more structure and cotton. Some need more room in the hips and smaller at the waist. Some need less room in the hips and more room in the waist!

It can be so overwhelming because there are so many options and choices.

That is why I’m going to break it all down for you in hopes that I can make this process a little easier for you. 

Out of all the clients I have worked with, no 2 clients have loved the same pair of jeans.

There is not one pair of jeans to rule them all (Lord of the Rings reference there).

So should we give up?!

Absolutely NOT.

The key is about knowing what to pay attention to and look for in your jeans AND knowing what feels good TO YOU.

So I've made a jeans guide to help you get started ...PLUS you will find a Jean Shopping Catalog in the Guide!

Click on the link below 👇🏻


If you found this guide helpful and want more guidance on assessing the best fit and styles of clothes for your body (so you can stop blaming it when the clothes don’t look or fit right), then I'm so glad to announce that my self-guided "Embrace & Dress Your Body" course is now available!

If you are not sure what body shape you have. Don't worry, we cover this in great detail, using real bodies!

If you have a hard time knowing how you want your clothes to fit and look on your body, then we will dive into how to dress all the body shapes. Don't worry, you just need to watch your own. This is not a body oppressive list that tells you what you "can wear" or "can't wear". It takes a body positive approach to learning that your body is made up of shapes and so are your clothes. They all fit, feel and look differently. You get to stop blaming your body when the clothes don't fit, because you will now have the information you need to make an empowered and confident choice. Less buying clothes that you never wear.

If you have a hard time accepting the body you have TODAY and it's getting in the way of feeling good in your clothes, then I have a WHOLE workshop diving into what REALLY impacts your relationship with your body and how to start practicing body acceptance practices in your everyday life AND in your wardrobe.

Plus I have some amazing bonuses on styling outfits, outfit formulas and a shopping guide!

To learn more about the "Embrace & Dress Your Body" course, click on the link!


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