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S2 Ep12: Disrupting Fast Fashion


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Duration: 59:32

Fast vs slow fashion. Do you know the difference?
Fast fashion = a large amount of cheap poor quality clothing produced at a large rate, on the backs of black and brown folks, in order to keep us consuming and feeding our capitalist society.
Slow fashion = smaller amounts of clothing produced at a smaller rate. It respects human rights and better for the environment and is better quality so that it lasts longer and can be reused.
Today, I bring on Courtney Figler from The Kindness Closet to discuss fast and slow fashion and why we, as a society should start to embrace slower, more sustainable fashion.
Courtney is a Social Worker by day and a vintage and preloved clothing slinger by night. Courtney has been intrigued by and involved in political and activist circles for 10+ years, with a particular interest in modern day slavery (in its various forms).
It has been a long-time goal of Courtney’s to operate a social enterprise that would provide education and employment to those with barriers, and in early 2021, she launched the Kindness Closet – a size inclusive online shop selling preloved clothing for accessible and affordable prices. The Kindness Closet is currently in fundraising mode, with educational workshops and other community initiatives launching in the coming months. 
In this episode, we talk about the nuances and complexity of moving away from fast fashion and all the different ways we can make change together.
Let's take a hard look at our privilege and how consuming fast fashion can lead to the suffering of others.
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