022 - Disrupting Dress Codes

"When you're working somewhere, the dress code might be worked into the contract and then there's a consequence to not abiding by it. So, when you think of kids in school and what their JOB is... Their JOB is to show up, participate, be ready to learn. It's not their job to represent the image of the school. Their job is to be comfortable to learn." - Caroline

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I have seen an influx of stories in the news lately regarding the discrimination against how womxn dress in the professional environment. Womxn are getting hate mail or fired from jobs, when there is truly nothing wrong with how they chose to dress their bodies. I feel that this is a reflection about how much society still sexualizes and objectifies womxn's bodies, especially in comparison to men. 
Most dress codes target womxn or girls with their strict guidelines on the size of a strap or the hemline of a bottom. Girls are being sent home form school. Womxn being fired or harassed because what they wear has been deemed too "distracting"...but distracting to who? What is this communicating to girls or womxn? Is this belief perpetuating the cycle of sexualization of womxn's bodies?
I do believe that we, as a society, need to let go of some old school thinking and be more open and accepting to how people want to express their individuality. Jobs are changing. Gender identity is changing. Womxn are taking back and owning their bodies. They are tired having to hide their bodies to keep other comfortable.
However, I recognize that when we are shifting views on what is "appropriate attire", there is a lot of grey areas, so I wanted to dive into this topic deeper. I am fortunate to have a guest on who fought the dress codes in her child's school and is passionate about this very topic. Tune in to hear what happened with my guest Caroline Arsenault.

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