009 - Disrupt the War On Your Body

“It's knowing that this might always be a struggle for you and it's not something you can just easily overcome. It about how can we can cope and use strategies so that we can live a happy and fulfilled life even when we struggle with our thoughts about our bodies.” 

Duration: 52:03

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In today's episode:

  • Amanda brings on her friend, Heather, to talk about her experience and  struggles with her own body image.
  • They talk about how for too long we’ve been conditioned that in order to be happy or to show up fully as ourselves, then we have to change our appearance first.
  • They talk about the additional difficulty women have because they have been conditioned and trained to focus on exterior factors, like the size of their body, the state of their skin, how much hair they have on their body, the colour of their hair, etc... 
  • They discuss coping strategies that can be used to help those who're struggling with their weight or body and how body love may never be the goal.

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