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010 - Disrupting Diet Culture

"The truth is, you can be healthy, brilliant and vibrant in any body, at any number, in any shape." Laura Buckley


Duration: 50:03

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In today's episode:

  • Amanda brings on her friend, registered dietician and emotional eating coach Laura Buckley, to talk about body image yet again!
  • They dive deep into the ways diet programs trick you into constantly feeling like you need to use them to be healthy and even happy.
  • Laura explains why eating healthy is actually a lot easier than we think.
  • They explore how we’ve all been tricked into thinking we need to follow the eating habits of others and how we were taught to stop listening to the cravings our body instinctually provides.
  • Laura explains the importance of learning to trust your own body, gain balance over our emotions and practice presence in order to help our body naturally want and need food without punishing ourselves for not sticking to some random strict diet regiment. 

Find Laura Buckley here: https://www.laurabuckleycoaching.com/

Here is her ebook on 3 ways to shift emotional eating: EBOOK
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