008 - Disrupt Living on Auto-Pilot

"There are so many beautiful things that come to the surface through presence. The sense of fulfilment and self-satisfaction is the foundation and then all these other magical things begin to surface like; self-trust and being able to go within to answer the questions. If we are not present and chasing fulfillment outside of us, we don't even know if we are chasing the things we desire or chasing the things we were told to desire."

 Duration: 45:11

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In today's episode:

  • Amanda brings her "Inner Wisdom/Meditation" coach, Dhavita Filek, on to discuss how practicing "presence" has been life changing for her in every way.
  • Amanda shares her personal experiences with the everyday, long-lasting positive benefits of practicing presence and how it takes "living in the moment" to a whole new level. It has helped her to better listen to her instincts, body, and intuition.
  • Amanda shares how she is implementing this practice with her daughter in order for her (daughter) to better trust her own feelings and have them guide her.
  • They talk about how connecting to your body, feelings and senses can help you trust your decisions without overthinking every possibility. This is especially important for women, as grounding oneself is often harder to do because society has put so much unneeded pressure to be or live up to impossible standards.  Women can often get lost in a future-focused mindset without stopping to think about what they truly want and need.
  • This is one of Amanda's favourite episodes, so please give it a listen!

Find Dhavita here:

Instagram: @iamdhavita


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