Dismantling systems that oppress your body and ALL bodies

When we heal ourselves, we can heal the world.

We absolutely have an impact on others. Whether it's our children, family, close friends and our community. They hear what we say. They see what we do. They participate in our conversations.

We can be a light and a model for discarding outdated and harmful ways of treating bodies.

When we stop participating in oppressive and unrealistic practices around beauty, health and or our bodies, we can break the cycle.

But we CANNOT STOP THERE. We can't love our bodies into dismantling systems that oppress bodies.

We need to heal ourselves AND end white supremacy. Fight for trans rights. Demand weight neutral health care. End body hierarchies in value and worth. Provide an inclusive environment for those with disabilities (visible or invisible). 

What actionable steps can you take to start to dismantle the systems that oppress bodies in yourself and/or in our society?

**No action is too small AND it can change over time.

Here are some examples:

  • Practicing feeling at home in your own body or body neutrality.
  • Starting recovery from an eating disorder or starting to seek intuitive eating.
  • Starting therapy to heal from trauma or receiving coaching on body image.
  • Learning about anti-fat bias or your own biases and privileges.
  • Speaking out against transphobic statements & policies.
  • Actively working to change policies that are oppressive to marginalized folks, protesting, writing to your local representatives or calling in businesses to be more inclusive.
  • Donating $ or your time to community programs or businesses that are social justice oriented.
  • Making sure spaces you occupy are accessible to all bodies and abilities
  • Reading books or taking courses on anti-racism, body liberation, on social justice or feminist theory, etc.. 

How do you want to start to make a change?


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