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5 ways clothes have nothing to do with appearance:

style tip Apr 22, 2021


1. They connects us to how we want to feel.

How do you want to feel for the day?

Want to embody a bad ass boss vibe? Want to feel more low key and comforting? Want to express your rebellious bold self? Want to feel more adventurous and fun today? Look at your closet and identify certain outfits or pieces that help you connect to how you want to feel for the day.

We are so inherently tied to our feelings and our clothes can help us connect to them on a deeper level.

2. The colours we wear can affect our mood.

When I wear red, it totally shifts my mood. If I am feeling bold, I wear red. When I want to feel sexy, I wear black lace. When I wear white, I feel light and bright. When I wear pink, I feel feminine. Studies have proven that colour affects our mood, so give you mood an extra boost and wear a colour that can affect you in a positive way.

I can feel JOY when I catch a glimpse of the colours I'm wearing throughout the day.

3. It's a nonverbal communication about who you are. 

If you only buy from ethically sourced and sustainable brands, what does that say about you? If you only thrift clothes, what could that say about you? If you love vintage prints, dresses and skirts, what could you be communicating? If you love flowy ruffles and florals or graphic tees and leather...what can that say about you?

4. Artistic Expression.

Fashion, fabrics, prints, colours...is all art. It doesn’t have to be for everyone, but for some, it is a creative expression. Artists don’t make art for others, they make it for themselves. Art also can make us FEEL something….see a theme here?

5. It supports our life. 

If I love spending time outdoors, then a large portion of my wardrobe needs to be pieces that support this lifestyle.

If I talk on stages and want to have impact, then I want clothes that can help me stand out on stage and grab people's attention. If I am a kindergarten teacher, then I don’t want to wear a 3 piece tailored suit. I want something that is stretchy, comfortable and soft and warm so that I don’t intimidate 5 year olds. If I am a lawyer and want to be a shark in the courtroom, then I want a power suit to communicate that I am in charge and will get shit done. 

Don’t get caught up in getting it wrong or being afraid of judgement.

Our wardrobes are never for others, it is always about how it can support how we want to feel and our lives. 


Amanda Hanson, Style Coach



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