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*Bonus* - Resilience through great loss

"I needed something good to come from the worst imaginable experience (Tiffany's son, Braedon, passing away) I think anyone could face in this world, so I started the Braeden foundation before I even knew what it would do."  ~ Tiffany Agnew

Duration: 53:48
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In this BONUS episode, I brings on a friend and one of the very few people I have ever called a "hero" in my life. I bring on Tiffany Agnew to talk about the most impactful events in her life and how she turned loss into an opportunity to take life-affirming and life-changing action.
We talk about the cool story on how we first met and tried to set up a "playdate" with our teenage sons.
Tiffany shares how  discovering the Self Help book 'The Secret' through Oprah and a chance encounter with a stranger started her self-help journey.
Tiffany shares about her struggles in childhood and how experiencing the loss of her son, Braeden, kickstarted her to finally leave her fear behind and take action on living a "braver" life.
Not only is Tiffany living a braver life, she started the "Braedon Foundation", a parents support group and an online membership to mentor women on how to "Embrace Their Brave". 
Tune into todays' episode to hear the story of great resilience.
Interested in becoming one of Tiffany's Embrace Your Brave Insiders ? Check it out HERE and get on the waitlist.
Check out and/or donate to The Braedon Foundation, where we help provide room makeovers or shopping sprees to critically ill children in New Brunswick.
Reach our or find Tiffany Agnew Inspires here on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/tiffanyagnewinspires
Stay tuned for Season 2 of The Women Disrupted Podcast soon.

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