A Secret to Buying Less Clothes

style tip May 05, 2020
This week I challenged my Style Insider Academy girls to wear something that we haven’t worn in awhile. It’s going to get us out of going for our “usuals” and help to breathe new life into a piece that otherwise might not have been getting some love.
So today I picked the vest I stole from my hubby and had altered to fit me.
Speaking of alterations...it is one of my secrets to BUYING LESS CLOTHES.
So many don’t look to alterations to salvage pieces that aren’t quite fitting right. I think we don’t consider alterations for many reasons.
1. We as women have the impression that our bodies are the problem when clothes don’t fit off the hanger...instead the problem is the clothes, not our bodies. A lot of men go with the expectation that most of their clothes will be altered. Women don’t and I think this needs to shift. Most of my clients always now consider alterations being a part of their wardrobe journey.
2. A lot of women don’t like investing in themselves. They feel guilty or that they are selfish for wanting to feel good. I also think some feel like they need to earn investing in themselves. But I choose to see it this way instead. I always deserve to feel good and I never have to earn it.
3. We have been conditioned to buy/consume/buy. We are always being marketed to have the latest things that are a MUST. Heaven forbid that we learn to be happy and make the most of what we have. Now, I know I just said that we deserve to invest in ourselves...but what I mean here, is that we buy without intention or purpose. We sometimes buy happiness or what we think will bring us happiness, but it’s never really a fix. I would rather pay for something to be altered then have to go buy something new. I want to consume less and waste less. Alterations are a means to this end.
4. Fast fashion. We become hooked on fast fashion and are buying clothes that are not meant to last...so yes...it does not make sense to invest more in that piece to alter it. Instead let’s buy less and invest in better quality pieces. We can then have them altered to fit us so that it can last years instead of months.
So, go into your wardrobe and see what you can salvage from an alteration to fit you properly!

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