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017 - Ditch the Scale & Gain Sustainable Instead

"What worked for you ten years ago may not work today - and it's okay. DO move your body and DO show up for it, but listen to your body and do so in a way that feels good. You shouldn't dread exercise." - Maria

Duration: 43:55

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Have you ever gone to the punished your body through work outs in order to "pay" for something you ate?

Does the number on a scale determines your happiness or mood?

Have you ever thought of moving your body from a place of love, respect or just for the joy of it?

Want to know how to move your body in a way that is kind to it?

Ditch the guilt trips to the gym and listen to today's episode!

In today's episode:

  • On today's episode, Amanda and her friend Maria Trecartin, a personal wellness coach. They dive deeper into disrupting the 'shoulds' in your life in order to break down fear-driven goals and convert them into desire driven goals for feelings of...
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016 - Disrupting Fatphobia

"You can love your own body and start to choose to love it more, but it doesn't mean you still don't have fatphobia or that you're not just judging other people who have fat..." - Amanda

Duration: 103:44

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When I say the word "fat" or if you hear someone call someone fat, how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Are you offended?  
If so, then is it because your definition of fat is bad?
When did you decide fat was an insult? Fat does not have to mean "bad". Fat is just a descriptor word like tall, short, thin, curvy, angular... words can have power, but only in the meaning you give them.

In today's episode:

  • Amanda brings on Tammy Cook, a mom of 3 to discuss how, as a fat woman, she is choosing to take up space and to live her life to the fullest, with as much joy and pleasure as possible.
  • Tammy...
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015 - Uncovering Some Truths About Our Ladybits

"We need to have a strong pelvic floor to orgasm. We use and contract our pelvic floor to help with our sensation during sex and to help us orgasm, so having that pelvic floor strength is really important." - Stephanie Brown

Duration: 50:53

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Do you know what a pelvic floor is? Did you know you have one? I didn't up until a few years ago! Which literally blows my mind. Why wasn't this covered in biology or sex ed?? Did my mother know she had one??
After I had my son at 21, I jumped on the trampoline for the first time...it did not go well. Anyone know what happened? Well...take a listen to today's episode!

In today's episode:

  • Amanda brings on her  friend and physiotherapist, Stephanie Brown! Stephanie is not just any physiotherapist, she is a pelvic floor physiotherapist.
  • How many people heard that and had no idea what that means? The pelvic floor is a...
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014 - Disrupting the "Shoulds"

"Somebodies 'right' doesn't negate yours... It doesn't make yours 'wrong'" - Amanda Hanson

Duration: 1:04:05

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Do you find yourself saying things like... "I should be more... I should do this more... I should do this less"? Let's stop "shoulding" on ourselves!

In today's episode:

  • Amanda brings on her friend Lisa Walsh-Cooper to talk about the importance of disrupting the "shoulds" in our life.
  • They talk about the struggles of trying not to lose yourself in doubt and in comparison to others in the pursuit of your own goals. How saying things like "I should do or be this" is one of the most damaging practices that has been normalized for people to do.
  • They also, talk about getting in touch with your body and YOUR instincts can train your brain to trust yourself before trusting others' opinions over yours.
  • The two also discuss how media and...
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The Conditioning of Womxn to be Appearance Focused

body image Aug 23, 2020
**I want to start this topic off by saying that there is NO judgement towards anyone who takes time to work on their appearance. I get that having rituals that help you focus on yourself and having pretty nails or a clean face can be beneficial. Hey! I focus on clothes and how they can help us connect with ourselves and how we feel.**
So NO judgement from me.
However, it hit me that a lot of womxn's self-care practices revolve around "improving" their appearance. I am sure that there is some biological evolution thingy going on...but I also question whether we have been conditioned to believe that our appearance, as womxn, is something that is always having to be improved or worked on in comparison to men.
I believe 100% yes. It is hard to deny that here has been an exorbitant amount of pressure and conditioning placed on womxn's value around their appearance and their objectification.
I know a lot of women spend a lot of time and...
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013 - Empower Your Inner Voice!

"It is so important, I think, to name the inner voice.  Mine is named Lennie, he's kind of a jerk, but also, Lennie needs support" - Elise B 

Duration: 1:04:35

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Amanda brings on her friend and Vocal Warrior, Elise Besler. Elise is a Voice Teacher and Voice Empowerment Coach based in Halifax NS Canada. She has an extensive performing career as a singer songwriter, and is the creator and founder of her Voice and Voice Empowerment training facility, Nusong Studio. Elise believes in the power of the human voice to heal and create change. She works with Singers and Public Speakers to help them gain skill and confidence and overturn limiting beliefs to own their voices and rock the mic!

In today's episode, they discuss:

  • How to identify, name and manage that every present "inner critic". They discuss what is the purpose of the inner voice and how to handle it when it invades...
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012 - Why Your Pleasure Matters

“Just through taping into my sexuality and feeling more pleasure and intentionally inviting pleasure, I was able to completely heal my burnout and re-ignite my desire for teaching yoga” - Robin


Duration: 1:08:51

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In today's episode:

  • Amanda and her guest, Robin, a pleasure and confidence coach talk about sex!
  • They talk on how our sexuality and sensuality affects our bodies individually because sensuality is our connection with our own body.
  • Robin's goal is to help people feel more present and fulfilled in their lives through acts and feelings of sensuality. She gives advice on how to get rid of the disillusionment that many women feel from their sexual side of themselves, whether it be from stress, unrealistic beauty standards, or sexual trauma.
  • The two also talk about how western society enforces the idea that people don’t deserve pleasure unless they...
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4 Ways to Change Your Definition of Success

challenge status quo Aug 06, 2020

Do you feel like you are always chasing the feeling of "success"?

I thought life was about setting goals and achieving them.

But when I kept reaching "burn out", I had to take a hard look the beliefs I was holding on to that kept leading me down the same path.
I thought I had to set goals to stay motivated and growing. But I realized that I am already a highly motivated person! I don't need a goal to move me to action. When I set goals, I tend to set crazy expectations on myself and when I don't achieve them, then it triggers negative self talk.
Did that mean I stopped having dreams and growing personally or in my business?
I just changed the way I saw my goals. It wasn't about how many clients I had, how much money I made, how many followers I had on social media (this is a WHOLE other topic)... So I gave up on setting goals.
The only intention I set this year was checking in with myself at my present moment and...
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011 - Discover Your Enneagram

"This whole system is based on these 9 distinct, but interrelated ways of viewing and experiencing the world. Even though as human beings, we are all unique and different, the research has shown that we fall into these 9 patterns and they're all interrelated. So, it's not about like putting someone into a box, it's actually a system that says "first and foremost, you're a divine being", and then "we have this tool called the Enneagram to help you figure out where your ego goes." - Krista McNally

Duration: 59:42

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In today's episode:

    • Amanda brings Krista McNally, Human Connection Coach, to explain in depth one of her FAVOURITE topics, the Enneagram!
    • Krista gives a rundown of the 9 Enneagram energies and their motivations and also their "lost childhood messages", so that we can better understand ourselves and how we relate to others.
    • Amanda may or may not burst into tears in...
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010 - Disrupting Diet Culture

"The truth is, you can be healthy, brilliant and vibrant in any body, at any number, in any shape." Laura Buckley


Duration: 50:03

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In today's episode:

  • Amanda brings on her friend, registered dietician and emotional eating coach Laura Buckley, to talk about body image yet again!
  • They dive deep into the ways diet programs trick you into constantly feeling like you need to use them to be healthy and even happy.
  • Laura explains why eating healthy is actually a lot easier than we think.
  • They explore how we’ve all been tricked into thinking we need to follow the eating habits of others and how we were taught to stop listening to the cravings our body instinctually provides.
  • Laura explains the importance of learning to trust your own body, gain balance over our emotions and practice presence in order to help our body naturally want and need food without punishing...
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