028 - Season Finale - Lessons of 2020

"My biggest takeaway of 2020 personally, was the focus on the relationship with my husband..." ~ Amanda 


Duration: 40:33
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First, I want to thank EVERYONE who was a guest or who have listened to Season 1 of The Women Disrupted Podcast. You have helped me make a 3 year dream come true. I appreciate ALL of your support from the bottom of my heart.
In today's episode, I am ending it like I started it, with just me and my microphone. This is me unedited and unfiltered.
After reflecting over the past year, I  will be sharing my WHY behind the podcast. It's not exactly what and where I want it to be, but I will be patient and keep working towards my vision. Nothing happens over night and very little can even happen in a year. I hope you stick around to see it evolve.
In the finale episode, I am sharing my progress on what I set...
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027 - Living with adult ADHD

"ADHD, isn't an attention deficit, it's a 'regulation of attention' deficit, the attention is there, it's either on everything or super focused on one thing and regulating between these two polar opposites is super difficult." ~ Sarah


Duration: 50:06
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In today's episode:
  • I bring on Sarah McIntyre to talk about what it's like living with ADHD in her every day life, as well as, what its like to be diagnosed later in life with ADHD.
  • We touch on her experience with the trial and error nature of trying different medications
  • Sarah shares common traits to look for, as well as, some lesser-known ones...
  • We talk a lot about our shared experience of being in a long term relationship where one partner has ADHD and the challenges that can come along with that.
  • We also discuss about at what point does ADHD become not...
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026 - Why we need a Death Doula

"Death and talking about it is almost like the last taboo, you know? Everybody is out there telling you about their sex lives and it's being more normalized... But death; who do you hear talking about that?" ~ Elisabeth


Duration: 1:10
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In today's episode:
  • I bring on Elisabeth Almerini on to talk about all things death, dying, and funerals. Why? Because Elisabeth is an end of life doula. She is someone who accompanies you or helps you and your family in your final weeks or days of life.
  • We get to learn about the ins and outs of what her unique career path means for her patients. We touch on what actually happens to our bodies within our last days of living, as well as normalizing talking about death.
  • Elisabeth shares about the death cafe that she runs. It is where people go and talk about death explicitly to help normalize it to...
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Connecting for the Holidays During a Pandemic

self-care Dec 03, 2020

Depending where you live and what protocols are in place regarding physical contact during the Pandemic, the Holidays for 2020 are going to look very different for so many.

You might not get to see a loved one because you can’t travel. You may not be allowed to get together with close friends and family or be able to see a loved one in the hospital or special care home.

I am not going to sugar coat this. It is devastating and I am not going to push aside the loss, grief and trauma that so many are experiencing. It is not helpful to ignore these feelings, so it is important to recognize, validate and feel all of it.

However, we don’t want to get stuck in these feelings long term. So for me, how I best process, feel and move my emotions through my body is to journal or talk with loved ones. Getting it out via writing or speaking helps it move through my body and release. Then I can make some room for new feelings.

What I hope to do with this article is to help you...

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025 - Disrupting the mental health stigma

"It's just not normalized to be proactive about our mental health, it's very reactive...It is not routine enough to be asked about our mental health, vs our physical health, we need to change this" ~ Laura

Duration: 1:04

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In today's episode:
  • I bring on my friend, Laura, who runs Laura Gatien & Associates Counselling Services. Laura does a great deal for her local community, including weekly free counselling services. Laura's goal is to bring more awareness to the importance of normalizing proactive mental health care and removing barriers so that all have access to mental health services.
  • We discuss why there's a difference in the way we care about our physical health care versus our mental health care and how we can help change this. Not only within ourselves, but in the healthcare system.
  • We also talk about how outside...
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024 - How to have FIERCE conversations

"Conversations equal relationships and when you're more focused on niceness, it prevents honesty. I believe in order to have a good and productive conversations (and therefore relationships) , you need honesty." ~ Harriette Schumacher


Duration: 52:48

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In today's episode:
  • I bring on my guest Harriette Schumacher, an Executive & Leadership Coach to talk about how women can have more FIRECE conversations in the workforce in order to become better leaders.
  • Harriette helps women redefine what leadership means for them, so that they will thrive more in the workforce environment that was never designed for them to thrive.
  • We discuss how we live in a culture of 'niceness" and how this leads to inauthentic communications and relationships in the workforce, which can then also spill over to our personal lives.
  • So many are afraid of having conversations...
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023 - Women In Politics

"It doesn't have to be a "man's world anymore, the world can adapt to women in power. We don't have to change, be, look or talk a certain way in order to be take seriously. We can be take seriously just as we are and the world SHOULD change for us" ~ Amanda

Duration: 1:10

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In today's episode:
  • I bring on an interesting guest to talk about something that hasn't been discussed on the show all that much before. In the context of the US election and the recent provincial election in my province, I bring on Brianna Faulkner, who has been in Canadian politics since the age of 19. She's the chair of the code of conduct committee for a political party In Nova Scotia (we are keeping the discussion non-partisan).
  • Brianna gives us a MASSIVE insight into the inner workings of provincial politics and how being a woman in politics REALLY is.
  • Brianna's goal is to ensure...
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022 - Disrupting Dress Codes

"When you're working somewhere, the dress code might be worked into the contract and then there's a consequence to not abiding by it. So, when you think of kids in school and what their JOB is... Their JOB is to show up, participate, be ready to learn. It's not their job to represent the image of the school. Their job is to be comfortable to learn." - Caroline

Duration: 1:06

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I have seen an influx of stories in the news lately regarding the discrimination against how womxn dress in the professional environment. Womxn are getting hate mail or fired from jobs, when there is truly nothing wrong with how they chose to dress their bodies. I feel that this is a reflection about how much society still sexualizes and objectifies womxn's bodies, especially in comparison to men. 
Most dress codes target womxn or girls with their strict guidelines on the size of a...
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Busting Style Myth #1

style tip Nov 05, 2020

Why am I busting style myths?

Because I've heard the 1000s of reasons as to why women have put limitations on expressing themselves in their style.

For years, we have been operating on an assumption that there is a "right or wrong" way to express ourselves in our clothes. I am here to break those down for you, because I hate rules, I hate limitations and I hate when others try to tell me what to do. I get to choose how I want to feel and how I get to express it and I want the same thing for YOU.

I want women to feel joy, freedom and excitement in their wardrobes like they did when they were kids. I don’t believe we will get there by having limitations placed on us. Limitations based on our size OR age.

Style Myth #1:

"I have to lose weight before I deserve to wear clothes that I love."

First off, this statement operates under the belief that you cannot feel good in your clothes if you live in a bigger body or in any body that is not "thin". So many women in bigger bodies are...

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021 - Becoming Body Neutral

"I had lost a significant amount of weight and I was of the mindset that if I can do it, anyone can do it and if you don't, you're lazy... I was the person whose judgments I feared for YEARS before I lost the weight. All those thoughts I internalized about myself, I projected on everyone that looked like I did - looking back on it, it confirmed a lot of things that I feared..." - Carolyn

Duration: 1:05

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In today's episode:
  • I bring on my friend, Carolyn Campbell, who first introduced me to the positive body image movement and she shares about her own journey to wanting to become more body neutral. Body neutral means focusing more on what our body can do, rather then what it looks like. It means the way we feel about ourselves has NOTHING to do with what we look like.
  • Carolyn shares what it is like to live in a larger body and also what it...
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