5 Reasons Why What You Wear Impacts Your Mood

self-care Apr 29, 2020

I am never going to tell you that you “should” get dressed. Seriously, who wants someone to “should all over them? Not me! I promise to never ever “should” all over you.

However, there may be those who are seeking ways to feel more “good” vibes during their days of self-isolation. If you are one of those good vibe seeking people,  then I have one simple thing you can do in your day to UP your mood. You may have guessed it based on the title of this post. Yes, it is getting dressed. What we wear can absolutely have an impact on our mood and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Your outfit can make you feel more powerful. Studies have proven that what we wear can have a correlation to how we perform in a task. Now we don't HAVE to wear a power tie or heels to feel powerful, but we can have pieces and outfits that make us feel like we are going to kick our days ass. Do you think you will feel more ready to tackle your fighting children in your PJ’s or in jeans, a blazer and some kick ass red lipstick? I know my answer. And really, any kind of blazer makes me feel like I am the CEO of my house. So, I would rather tackle my day feeling like Wonder woman rather than The  Dude (from the Big Lebowski, if you don’t know who that is then google it my friend). Now, you don’t HAVE to wear a blazer, that is just what happens to make me feel powerful. Find out what makes YOU feel powerful and put it on for the day.

The Dude

OR your version of Wonder Woman


2. It is an act of self care. It might seem small or silly, but the 5 minutes you take locked in your room (if you have kids, I suggest getting a lock for these small moments of peace) to set your intention for the day and ask yourself, how do I want to feel today in my clothes is self care. Choosing an outfit that is going to support how you want to feel can shift your energy for tackling the day ahead. Let’s collectively shift our reason for getting dressed as an act of self love, instead of doing it to impress others.  I always dress for me and to FEEL good for me, whether someone else sees me or not. There is no wasting a good outfit. Feeling good in my clothes for MYSELF is never a waste.


3. Colour shifts moods. Have you ever been in the pink room of a police station? Ahem, neither have I of course. But we know that there is one because pink is known to calm people. It’s the same concept with the colours we wear. When I wear red, I can literally feel my confidence and energy increase. When I wear black, I feel edgy. When I wear yellow, I feel joyful and bright.  Brown and grey makes me feel blah and like I fade into the background. There are so many feelings that can be induced JUST by choosing what colour to wear. So even if I am going to wear leggings or sweatpants, they are going to be a colour that invokes a positive feeling during my day.


4. It provides a sense of routine and normalcy. Rituals can be important in our lives. It can bring predictability in an unpredictable life. It also helps us create a routine that can help us set the tone for the day and feel a sense of control, instead of our day controlling us. You don’t have to every day. Just ask yourself how you want to feel for the day and honour that feeling. But first coffee. Always.


 5. It can help make you be nicer to yourself and others. When I am in my old rattie hoody or wearing oversized baggy clothes, I am telling myself and others that I have tapped out. I want to be left alone and to have no one notice me. Now, there are days that I need this and that is perfectly okay. Sometimes I need to tap out of my life and I will honour the heck out of those moments. BUT, this is not how I want to operate the majority of my days or life. I want to engage with myself, others and in life. I DEFINITELY do not like to be ignored, by others or myself. I am vibrant, resilient and when I feel good in my own skin, then I am a nicer person to myself and therefore others. So, I get dressed in my outward armour that makes me happier on the inside, so I can be nicer to others on the outside.


Have I swayed you to the dark side yet? Yes...the dark side of putting on clothes that have not been slept in or have been laying on the floor of your bedroom. Just try it for one day. I promise you that it will be worth it. If not, then I’ll eat my words. Or a brownie. Most likely the brownie. Heck, I am going to eat the brownie anyway.


If I have swayed you to the dark side and you are not sure where to start because you feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes in your closet that is screaming at you...then I have JUST the thing to help you get started. Started on wearing MORE of what you already own and releasing the pieces that no longer support the person you are today.


I created The Purposeful Wardrobe Workbook to help you get clear on your vision with your style (not fashion...style, trust me there is a difference. Style is about expressing who you are in your clothes). My workbook also teaches you how to simplify your wardrobe so that you can wear MORE of what you already have.


It is also JAM packed with extra trainings, guides, worksheets, stylist secrets and outfits ideas!

To  learn more, check out the link below.

The Purposeful Wardrobe





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