6 Ways to Cope During an Epidemic

self-care Mar 30, 2020
Nothing like living through a time that is going to forever change our world and lives, eh?
Like myself, you are all probably trying to do your best to cope with this new norm. Whether is it working from home, being around your partner 24/7, having your children at home, or being retired and trying to fill your time. NO ONE PREPARED us for this.
Even though I allow myself to feel the fear and overwhelm, I still always look for the positive, as it is just how my brain works. I don't have all the answers in how to support you during this time, as we all have different needs and different ways of coping. But I live to serve and help in any way that I can, so I wanted to share some simple practices that are helping me during this time. 
Here are my top 6 ways I am coping when my world changed:
1. I am tapping into my POWER words. Words like, trust, grit & resiliency. Using these words to remind myself that I can tap into my deep sense of self and trust that I can get through anything. Even though I am allowing myself to feel all the sad and scary feelings, I am connecting with my power words to connect with my deepest self and KNOW that I am a strong human. Whatever worst case scenario my brain comes up with, I trust that I will figure it out. I am able to achieve this by being flexible and letting go of all or nothing thinking and words like “should and shouldn’t”. There is no rule book, so I am getting comfortable with the grey areas of this thing we called life, because I cannot control myself out of this. Instead I am being flexible and open to change and relying on who I am deep down to get me wherever I want to go, no matter what is thrown at me. We are resilient. We are powerful.
2. I am not judging myself. I am not judging that my daughter is watching more screen, that I am not her teacher, that my house is a mess or that we are not getting outdoors more. I am not judging that I feel overwhelmed and terrified at the thought of not having enough money. I am not judging that I also feel blessed and abundant. I don't need to be productive to feel like a worthy human. I am allowing myself to feel all the feelings and not judging myself whether it is a fear based thought or an abundant thought. Cause I even beyond all the fear, I am so grateful for all that I do have. I have shelter, a family and food. I don’t have to only focus on the happy and I don’t only have to focus on the bad. I can feel both and know that it can change day to day. I will not judge how I am feeling because how I feel in that moment is valid. Judging my thoughts and feelings traps me and gets me stuck. 
3. I am journaling. Allowing myself to feel my feelings is a new skill that I am practicing. I would normally avoid or distract myself from anything that might be negative or make me feel vulnerable. This led me to disconnect even from feelings intense happiness or excitement. It has been a whole new world for me and it has changed me. However, allowing myself to feel all of my feelings can sometimes cause chaos in my brain and I needed an outlet. Some of you might lean on a friend, partner or therapist, but mine was to journal and writing out my thoughts when they are at their peak. it is so crucial to my well being and overall happiness. I need my feelings to move through me and journalling helps them MOVE. I instantly feel a release and it opens me up to more of the feelings I want to embody like of joy, peace, calm and love.
4. Finding predictability amongst the unpredictable. It has been important for me to find some small sense of routine that makes my life predictable. My favourite predictable activities are getting dressed, baking, cooking, walking outdoors, playing games, reading and watching movies. It is all these small routines that help me feel like I am alive and human. When I feel the fear overwhelm me, I do something that I know will bring me comfort and predictability. I know if I follow a cookie recipe, then I will make a cookie. If I open a book, I know I will get entered into a story. If I play a game, then I know I will engage my brain and feel challenged. These are things that I KNOW...so I am going to do them more when I feel lost.
5. Serving myself first. I cannot be there for my family and clients if I am not here for myself first. So, I check in with what I need that day and honour it. Whether it is to rest more, to work more, to move more, to breathe more. I honour myself first so that I can best honour others. Most importantly, I do it without feeling guilt. I am a better mom, wife and person when I have taken time for my own needs.
6. Sharing my magic. Once I have my needs met, I am asking how can I serve others, no matter how small. Sharing my magic and passion feeds my soul and I want to feed it more then ever during these times.
What is your magic? What is your passion? Can you share that magic that is deep inside you no matter how silly you might think it is? It could be big or small, no matter what it is, don't hide it. Right now, the world needs your magic.
Here are some ideas that might kick start your creativity:
  • If you have kids at home and want to do a craft with them and brighten up your neighbours day at the same time, decorate your windows or create a scavenger hunt for your neighbours to enjoy as they walk by. 
  • Drop off food to those at risk, quarantined or who are not able to get food or supplies themselves. This could be a front line worker, a food bank, seniors or a neighbour. Make sure to still limit the amount of time you are in the public and take all precautions.
  • Share your passion or hobbies with others virtually. You don't have to have a business to share your hobbies, expertise and ideas with others. Maybe you do a video that shows others how to start knitting, doing a craft, painting, hearing you sing or play an instrument, dance, move you body, how to make your favourite recipe. If you love writing, then start a blog! I have an amazing friend that can help you get started on a blog, check out my girl Erin Trafford. The possibilities are endless and open to all of your creativity. When you show up fully as yourself and you will make touch someone else's life for the better. 
  • If you are trying to homeschool, share you resources and ideas with other friends or hop on a Zoom video call with your child's friends and lead a teaching session with all of them at the same time! Zoom is a free tool you can use to have multiple people on a virtual call. You can even share your screen.
  • When you are at the grocery store or any place that is considered an essential service, smile and thank the staff for their service. They are our hero's and they need us to be there and help protect them as well.
  • You know those things you loved doing as a kid, but never seem to have the time for now? Then depending on if you are still having to work, now is the time to tap back into that inner child and do things that bring you joy. What hobby do you want to re-engage or maybe start for the first time? Show yourself some magic and what you are made of.
  • Working from home now and don't know how to balance work and your home life? My first piece of advice is to have patience with yourself. This is not something we will automatically know how to do. It is an adjustment and a learning process. The second piece of advice, is to make boundaries for your space and time. You can easily get sucked into work during your off times. Remember, just because you work from home, doesn't mean that you have to work more. Think of creative ways to put boundaries in place at home. Schedule breaks, schedule times to move your body, because you are most likely doing it less. If you have kids, then maybe you structure your day in a different way then your typical 9 to 5 if you can. Tap into your resourcefulness and give yourself grace.

How I am tapping into my creativity and my magic -->

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