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10x10 Style Challenge

outfit creation Oct 21, 2021

Have you ever participated in a style challenge before?

I've recently wrapped up a 10x10 challenge 

I have done several in the past and I've always learned something new about my wardrobe and created new outfits that I never would have tried before.

So what exactly is a 10x10 challenge?

 Trust me, I tried to explain it to my husband and it took in awhile to grasp it, so I have a guide that you can download that breaks it down further, but the short answer is...

 I choose 10 items of clothing that I can mix and match with each other and then I wear a different combination for 10 days.
Why a 10x10?
✅ To wear more of what I already own. I've slowed down my consumption since I got intentional in my wardrobe 4 years ago. One way to slow down consumption is to be purposeful in your buying and to wear more of what you own.
✅ Fun & Creativity. It might sound weird, but putting limitations on items in your wardrobe kick starts creativity. I crave variety and new. But I don't want to have to buy new all the time. So doing a 10X10 forces me to create more outfits in new ways. In past 10x10’s, I've added pieces that I hadn't been reaching for and ended up creating some of my now go-to outfits.
✅ I just love challenges 😂 I thrive in challenge. I'm an 8 enneagram... What can I say!
✅ It sets an intention. I get to be purposeful and intentional with myself for 10 days instead of being mindless or falling back on the “same old” when I pick out an outfit.
Here are my 10 pieces!
  1. Wide leg jeans
  2. Black jeans
  3. Black & White check ankle pants
  4. Long sleeve white tee
  5. Short sleeve graphic tee (with red lettering)
  6. Black Turtleneck
  7. Cream V-Neck crop knit sweater
  8. Red Cardigan
  9. Olive Duster Cardigan
  10. Grey vest
I am now done my 10x10 and I thought I would share with you my outfits, my takeaways and my day by day reflections.
Did I regret any choices? Did I change anything? Did I have a favourite?
Keep reading to find out!



Day 1!

2 things that will influence my outfits during the challenge:

1. Weather

2. Activities

Since the firs part of the 10 days will be mild, I saved my warmer pieces for later. I kept things low key on this day because it was a holiday. 

A good outfit doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Sometimes it’s just pieces that fit you, that you love and that support you in your day.

You don’t have to compare an outfit that makes YOU feel good to anyone else’s.

There’s no hierarchy in style, no matter how much the fashion industry tries to convince you otherwise.



Day 2!

So for a day that I’m working from home, I’ll be wearing my only tee in my 10 pieces and my thinner ankle pants. I added my cardigan for warmth in the morning and evening.

This was the outfit that I was most excited to wear and the first 3 pieces I chose to build the rest of my 10 pieces from. 

I’m feeling retro vibes in today’s outfit!

One of my favs!



Day 3!

I ended up changing into a tee later this day because it got hot.

It’s okay that you have to swap clothes. So if "making a mistake" was the thing that was preventing you from participating or finishing, then remember this!

This isn’t a test to see if you can actually live with 10 pieces. It’s to be more mindful, practice versatility and to learn something about yourself or your wardrobe along the way!

We don’t expect perfection or even rules in this space.



Day 4!

I KNOW that I would not have put this outfit together if I hadn’t done this 10x10.

This is one of my biggest reasons why I love doing this challenge. It gets me thinking outside the box and being creative instead of falling back on my usual go-tos.

The more I wear what I already own, the less I feel like I need to buy. Which saves me time and money in the long run. 



Day 5!

What came up for me today was how good and easy it felt to make a choice.

This outfit will be a staple this Winter.

It’s so much easier to make a choice in what to wear when you have less options (and I know I love all my options and they all fit).



Day 6!

What determined my outfit today was my activities.

I’m went shopping with my BFF. We went thrift shopping and shopping for boots.

I wanted to wear something else today, but the style of boots that I’m looking for would work best for these slim fitting jeans. So when I try them on in store, I’ll have a better sense of how they will fit with the majority of my pants.

I’m wearing the same top and pants from yesterday (cause I don’t care about wearing the same thing multiple times) and just changed my layering piece.

Just changing my layering pieces can change the vibe and the feel of an outfit. You don’t need 100s of items in your closet to get variety.



Day 7!

This often is the day that people want to give up. For me, it was the day I regretted one of my 10 choices.

If I was to pick mine over again, I would have left this sweater out. I picked it because I wanted something warm for our Fall temps, but it's been warmer rather than cooler where I live.

Why I wouldn't pick the piece again:

These are the only pants that I would wear it with. It's a cropped sweater and my other jeans don't come up high enough in my waist.

The cream of this sweater doesn't go with my black and white check pants.

I could swap this out for something else, cause I don't like rules and the point of this challenge isn't to be limiting or confining.

So I could swap it out, but I decided not to because I might not because I know I can create enough outfits for the last 3 days from my remaining pieces.



Day 8!

What made it easy today to get dressed was running out of options in my 10 pieces lol!

Don't get me wrong, there's still many more combinations, but I have only worn these pants and this turtleneck once so far in the challenge.

I'm working from home all day, but if I was to leave the house, my black ankle boots and my motto jacket would be my choices to go with it.

But in reality, I'm wearing this outfit with my warm chunky socks and wool slippers as I type this.



Day 9!

I woke up not that excited to get dressed for the day.

I was feeling bored with my 10 pieces.

So I sat in that feeling for a while.

Is it okay to be bored with my wardrobe even though I love my clothes?


Do I always have to act on that boredom?


Sometimes we get bored of our clothes, so we buy something new to get that rush again.

I get it. This was my go-to reaction for years. And I often thrift shopped so that I could support that rush.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I do like to update my wardrobe every now and then.

But since I became more intentional and purposeful in my wardrobe, I can get my “rush” by styling what I already have in new ways.

Even though I've worn these jeans and tee 3 times during this challenge... I've never worn it THIS way.


At first I tried this outfit with my black jeans and I just wasn't feeling it in my body.

Swapped the jeans and yessssss.

I am feeling this outfit and I have NEVER worn it before.

I don't need to go buy anything new and my excitement for my last day outfit is renewed.

We don't always have to respond to our boredom right away. Even though it is easy to do when we can easily stimulate or distract ourselves.

Next time you feel bored in your wardrobe, create something new in it, instead of filling your shopping cart.

 See what happens.



Day 10!

It's the final day of my 10x10 challenge!

I love doing this challenge, but I'm also excited for it to be over.

However, I truly do prefer to have less to choose from in order making it easier to decide what to wear.

If you find yourself often overwhelmed, in decision fatigue or wearing the same 5 outfits on rotation, then I HIGHLY recommend doing this challenge (if you haven't already) or at least reducing some of your overwhelm in your closet by releasing the pieces that no longer serve your style, your life or your body.

You will feel relief, I promise. 

Don't let getting stuck in "scarcity mode" hold you back. If you haven't been wearing it anyway, those clothes truly are not serving you.





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