023 - Women In Politics

"It doesn't have to be a "man's world anymore, the world can adapt to women in power. We don't have to change, be, look or talk a certain way in order to be take seriously. We can be take seriously just as we are and the world SHOULD change for us" ~ Amanda

Duration: 1:10

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In today's episode:
  • I bring on an interesting guest to talk about something that hasn't been discussed on the show all that much before. In the context of the US election and the recent provincial election in my province, I bring on Brianna Faulkner, who has been in Canadian politics since the age of 19. She's the chair of the code of conduct committee for a political party In Nova Scotia (we are keeping the discussion non-partisan).
  • Brianna gives us a MASSIVE insight into the inner workings of provincial politics and how being a woman in politics REALLY is.
  • Brianna's goal is to ensure a safe and survival environment for everyone to participate in politics equally (YES!!!)
  • We talk about how one gets into politics as a volunteer or as a career if they wish to and we dive deeper into what the political sphere means for women.
  • We focus on redefining what it means to be a woman in politics and we talk about how in the past many women, including myself, were made to believe it was better to become more like a "man" in order to be taken seriously, which only does more to further stigmatize and delegitimize things that make up women fundamentally.
  • We also touch on the question of how fair the system is, if the same parties always have more money

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