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027 - Living with adult ADHD

"ADHD, isn't an attention deficit, it's a 'regulation of attention' deficit, the attention is there, it's either on everything or super focused on one thing and regulating between these two polar opposites is super difficult." ~ Sarah


Duration: 50:06
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In today's episode:
  • I bring on Sarah McIntyre to talk about what it's like living with ADHD in her every day life, as well as, what its like to be diagnosed later in life with ADHD.
  • We touch on her experience with the trial and error nature of trying different medications
  • Sarah shares common traits to look for, as well as, some lesser-known ones...
  • We talk a lot about our shared experience of being in a long term relationship where one partner has ADHD and the challenges that can come along with that.
  • We also discuss about at what point does ADHD become not "neurodivergent" and its more about people functioning differently and the world needs to change to better understand them instead of making them feel as though they need to medicate to work around everyone else.
  • We talk about how differently people with ADHD can experience the world and how to distance the conversation from being just hyperactivity or "lack of focus". Also, and how the hyper focus aspect, that many neurotypical people don't know have or understand can actually be a superpower. 

Sarah wanted to share these two links with you!

How to ADHD on YouTube https://youtu.be/cx13a2-unjE
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