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028 - Season Finale - Lessons of 2020

"My biggest takeaway of 2020 personally, was the focus on the relationship with my husband..." ~ Amanda 


Duration: 40:33
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First, I want to thank EVERYONE who was a guest or who have listened to Season 1 of The Women Disrupted Podcast. You have helped me make a 3 year dream come true. I appreciate ALL of your support from the bottom of my heart.
In today's episode, I am ending it like I started it, with just me and my microphone. This is me unedited and unfiltered.
After reflecting over the past year, I  will be sharing my WHY behind the podcast. It's not exactly what and where I want it to be, but I will be patient and keep working towards my vision. Nothing happens over night and very little can even happen in a year. I hope you stick around to see it evolve.
In the finale episode, I am sharing my progress on what I set out to do from episodes 1 and 2. Did it turn out how I was hoping or expecting? Tune in to find out.
I am also sharing my 2 biggest takeaways of 2020 (in business and personally). There is a spoiler for a Season 2 in this section.... it's pretty juicy.
Then finally, I am sharing what I am hoping for in 2021. How can we predict the unpredictable?
See you next year and stay tuned for Season 2 coming in 2021!!

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